2020 Muther Fluffers!

2020 Muther Fluffers!

This year is gonna be aces! I can feel it in my waters!

Posted: 3 January, 2020

It feels like everything is gonna be alright! Right?

The best way to start a New Year is with gratitude for what has come before. So settle in and take this gentle stroll down memory lane of my ‘Top 10 of 2019’ because a meaningful life is one shared with strangers on the socials.


Anni Albers

Anni Albers had an Exhibition at Tate Modern and it was inspiring on all levels.

It was an honour to take over the Late Nights with TLL and host an evening of textile adventures.

What a gem!

permanent residency

We handed over a stupid amount of money for the privilege to call ourselves Permanent Residents of the UK.

Thanks Queenie x

Much to our families disappointment back in Aotearoa, we will be staying here a bit longer.


Tim Moore came to visit from Australia and we had such a fab time singing, playing dress ups, and getting into all sorts of casual mischief x

A lovely way to distract us from the dark depths of winter.

Chelsea flower show

My BFF’s got me a ticket for my birthday to see the flowers in all their glory.

The variety was overwhelming. It’s a shame Aotearoa has such strict biodiversity laws.

Nana would love some of these beauties in her garden.


One morning my best babes got up early, took a train to champagne and drank our body weight in bubbles.

We came home the next day with our hearts filled with love and arms filled with bottles of the finest booze.

Make Town launched!

Massive thanks to all the cool people that kept my mind and body afloat, fed me, looked after my kids and were patient and kind while we built our new empire!

We defo cracked the champagne open for this one!

first timers

I taught my first customer how to weave on the floor loom, then to make a cushion out of her handmade cloth.

Her first time on a loom, her first time on a sewing machine and even a an invisible zip closure all in 4 hours!

Nadia was proud as punch and her cushion looks fab in the living room.

gay Paris

My bestie from Fashion school came to visit from Melbourne for a few days.

Smiley’s first time away from her little kiddos in 7 years, but she brought the big one for the ride.

We went to Paris for one night and painted the town brown. Bread and cheese makes her shit herself.


big kids

After your kids can walk, talk, wipe their own asses and make their own breakfast, the milestones come few and far between.

Secondary School for both kids is a big deal and we are super proud!

love at first sight

I am still loving this babe.

Bobby is one of the best people in the world. Period.

We had our annual dinner for two, celebrating another year together.

12 years of marriage ain’t no thang with this dude.




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