Brand new stuff

Brand new stuff

Posted: 1 July, 2019

Buying stuff second hand is one of my favourite things! I love rummaging through other humans trash and I am forever dragging the kids to local flea markets, black mailing them with ice creams and lollies. Its a real problem most of the time, but occasionally there is no other option than buying something new, like moon cups or toothbrushes. In this case, it’s equipment for the new studio!

We currently have three Saori floor looms in the studio, 2 used ones and a brand spanking new one. They are imported from Japan so we are saving up for the bigger loom that can make fabric 110cm wide! Perfect for garment construction which is the dream!

When we open the doors in August they will all be dressed with warp and ready for you to come and get your weaving buzz on.

We have purchased 340 new cones of yarn for this to be a spectacular weaving experience. Wool, angora, silk, linen, cashmere, acrylics and cotton. A rainbow of colour to weave with. We also have over 40 different shades of wool roving to use in the workshops or to purchase, which is just nuts.

We have a list as long as our arm, of sewing equipment and notions needed to create a true haberdashery. Which is just the best word to say! Zips, thread, fabric, patterns, books, interfacings, floss, ribbons, felt, chalks, measuring tapes and scissors.

Our hand held Tapestry Looms are designed and made by Herbert, and i’m heading into his workshop tomorrow to help make them. Its a true labour of love guys! But that will be a post blog post for another day. It’s a golden tale of friendship, brotherly love and recording babies coming into the world.

Peace Out x Aroha nui



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