Bring the people together and watch the magic happen…

Bring the people together and watch the magic happen…

and that is exactly what happened last week!

Posted: 25 September, 2019

The very talented Sarah Graham of Ethics Matter, did an ace job of bringing all the peeps together last week for a mend it workshop which tied in nicely with the Oxfam #secondhandseptember campaign and it was just great!

We held a really inclusive discussion about fast fashion, slow fashion and the sustainability of our current situation and choices we make when purchasing garments and the lives that they live. One thing that blew my mind was an idea rejected by parliament just recently, for a 1p tax to be added to each garment sold in the UK, which would fund efforts in recycling clothing and reducing clothing ending up in landfill. Cool guys.

However talking about this together somehow made us feel empowered to make a change!

Booking into a workshop is just what is needed to inspire us all to think differently about the way we consume fashion. Everyone shared stories about their vintage finds, their stories behind the hole or the stain and the realness of trying to make one small change in our behaviour for mother earth. We mended so much clothing and even a shoe together. Because doing things together is always way more fun.

We also heard from Aisling the brains behind The Nu Wardrobe. A really neat way to share the clothes we have with each other, because we owe it to ourselves and our garments to make sure that they get to live their best life too!!

If you do have impulses to purchase new trendy clothing that quickly turns into a pain in the space at the back of your drawer, please consider getting involved and give your clothes the adventures they deserve.

Although we didn’t take a massive collection for the campaign, we made new connections and I for one, am re thinking my relationship with the clothes I wear.

Get into the slow fashion boat now and sail away into the future with us, it’s going to be quite the ride!

Hats off to Lydia who snaps all the pics. You can check her out here x

Also Angelica Colucci and Anisha Sharma  the wonderful alteration helpers and Damn Tasty Beer sponsorship x

Peace Out x Arohanui x

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