chaco liner pen – marking tool

chaco liner pen – marking tool

If brand loyalty was an actual thing, I would be Clover's number one fan!

Posted: 3 July, 2022

This is one of the most used tools in the studio, going hand in hand like ‘mac & cheese’ with my very first set square which I have used almost daily for 19 years.

I grew up using chalk squares and triangles for marking fabric – they were cheap and lasted forever and before it was trendy – had no plastic packaging.

But as sewing gear gets refined and I have more than $2 for a week of food I have discovered the ‘only’ way to transfer markings to fabric – the chaco liner pen.

Our favourite one on the market  – because no one makes craft tools like the Japanese – the Clover chaco liner pen, but you can also buy other brands form Jeff and his mates, however if your want to buy one that works every time, I recommend this one.

I use this tool to make markings on fabrics. To trace around entire pattern pieces, to mark button placements, draw straight lines and mark right and wrong side of the fabric too.

Here are the Highlights…

  • lots of colours to choose from
  • easy to hold and manoeuvre for lines and curves
  • ability to draw thin lines for accurate markings
  • you can see when the powder is running out
  • then you can refill it with ease
  • safe and smooth to use

The Downside of all clover products is the packaging – Japan love plastic!


But this product will last forever! It is beautifully crafted and engineered to make using it a dream. Buy once – buy right! No need to shop around, this one is a studio fave!

Refills also available!

chaco liner pen – assorted


chaco liner refill – assorted


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