Covid and Make Town

UPDATE – MRCH 1st 2022

That was a close one! I hope you are feeling optimistic and healthy!

Covid guidelines are messy and very hard to keep on top of as they change willy nilly- So please read carefully below our own guidelines for our studio before you make a booking so you can make a considered choice before attending our workshops at your own peril.

Make Town is fully open and we are taking booking now. Fab!

Hosts and teachers will be testing regularly.

We will provide hand sanitiser and washing facilities for all customers.

The studio is divided into three main areas, weaving, sewing and retail. We will permit 4 people in the studio weaving and 6 people sewing, and a handful of people in the retail area at a time. Keeping a safe and respectful distance at all times as best we can.

We are taking larger group workshops in the evenings of up to 15 people and we are able to spread throughout the studio as best we can.

Masks will not be required or enforced in our studio. The host of the workshop will not be wearing a mask, however you are most welcome to wear a mask.

Basically don’t be a dick and we will all be fine. We have all been practicing social distancing, regular hand washing and generally being patient and understanding. If you have any issues or concerns, please don’t come to the studio. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety, beyond what we are providing at the moment at Make Town.

Cancelling or rescheduling requests

We are unable to offer rescheduling or refunds. You are welcome to send people in your place and are happy with our above covid cleanliness.  All bookings are final.

If you have booked into a workshop and are unable to attend due to Covid tough titties. Boris and my local council doesn’t care and I no longer have the energy for the admin.  I have exhausted myself trying to keep up with Covid Casualties and drop outs, and I no longer (as I one man band) have capacity to fulfil rescheduling. This is just the way it needs to be, for my own health.

We have tried various ways to deal with Covid in our studio and we will be trying this policy as of January 2022 to ensure a fluid stream of happy and healthy customers enjoying our studio together.

Thank you kindly,

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