Covid and Make Town

I can’t help but smirk at the new rules around Covid and the reopening of Make Town. The whole experience has been a joke and I do not pretend that this has been handled well.

Hackney Council and Boris and his mates have refused to give Make Town any financial assistance through Covid. Even when we lead the initiative to enable and mobilise hundreds of volunteers to sew Scrubs for our local Dr’s and hospital workers, because they had failed a basic task of providing safe PPE for its citizens.

Make Town and the initiative with Scrub Hub was recognised in local, national and international media for its efforts, and still we pleaded for help and received nothing.

Make Town has continued to operate during lockdown in order to provide PPE to our NHS workers. We have had hundreds of people coming through the doors, taking scrubs home, sewing them, returning them to us to then be distributed, and we have taken every action available to ensure our volunteers were safe. We have had no cases of infection from this kind of interaction. It can be done if we all agree to respect the same rules.

So in light of us already knowing that we can operate in a safe manner, we are now taking bookings! YUSS!!

The studio is divided into three areas, weaving, sewing and retail.

We will allow 2 people in the studio weaving and 3 people sewing, and 2 people in the retail and myself. A total of 8 people in the studio at any given time. If you have been here before you will know that this is easily achievable.

We will start taking group workshops in the evenings with no more than 8 people at any given time.

We will be reviewing our initiative and guidelines regularly and will adjust these constantly in line with what Blow Job has to say, again with a grain of salt.

So what does that mean for us all? Basically don’t be a dick and we will all be fine. We have all been practicing social distancing, regular hand washing and generally being patient and understanding, and so it wont surprise you that we have to continue doing this.

If you have any issues or concerns, please don’t come to the studio. Please take personal responsibility for your own safety, beyond what we are providing at the moment at Make Town.

To ensure everyones safety, Make Town will

  • open the doors as long as the sun is shining
  • provide hand sanitiser on entry
  • restrict the number of people in the studio to a safe number
  • allow access to running hot water and soap for regular hand washing
  • ┬ásanitise and wipe down our equipment between customers
  • provide masks to purchase

And in return we please ask you to

  • be respectful of the guidelines we have introduced
  • keep distance from other people in the studio
  • wash you hands regularly
  • pay for items using card
  • stay at home if you are unwell in any capacity

We are all gonna by fine, this is a safe space beyond soap and water and more than anything the healing needs to begin, and I can’t think of a better place to reconnect with other humans than right here.

We will see you soon!


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