Here is the shop, it is open…

Here is the shop, it is open…

...but where are all the people?

Posted: 27 April, 2021

Not gonna lie, I thought reopening on the 12th of April would bring floods of people back into the streets. Just goes to show how deluded I am about the world I guess. Might take a bit to settle in, might not, no-one really knows right?

With no one commuting to work, from work, between meetings, nipping out for lunch, popping down to the post on break or checking out the new cafe in small groups having a laugh pleased to be out of the office for a bit, no one is moving ‘between’ places and it is making me nervous as hell for other ‘chance upon’ small businesses with little marketing strategy, knowhow or advertising budget to fight for a look in. Fuck sakes.

I was absolutely stoked to be out and about on the 12th of April. What a monumental day! I had a whole day of adventures planned and I would never take Hackney and freedom of movement for granted again.

Starting with a Champagne breakfast and fancy french pastries I hit the streets checking out what was open. The feelings of optimism in the air, the excitement ( that may have been the bubbles ) and with the sun peaking through it was shaping up to be a day to remember. What business’s were thriving after this long lonely winter? It was the nail salon and hairdressers. Everyone yearning for a little TLC, to cut the trauma from the hair that we have been forced to carry as a reminder around our head. No more dirty glossies though, thanks Covid. How will I ever keep up with the Royal Family goss now?

It was so sad to see some buildings vacated, perhaps closed on a Monday or perhaps forever and others launching new ideas soon to be discovered! But ultimately it was the pubs that were brightly shining with their arms wide open welcoming back the locals! And bloody hell it felt magical!

Nothing tasted sweeter than sharing a pint with my favourite people on that Monday. A day that that has been a relentless reminder of times gone by with a cold tinnie in hand whilst marching briskly around Hackney downs 3.5 times. A memory immediately dissolved into triumphant glee and relief.

I hope you got out and enjoyed the atmosphere a little, I’m sure we have all got to booking some lovely dinners out, movie theatres will be re-opening soon, and I of course will see you down at at Ridley Road Market bar on the 21st of June with rum and ginger in hand and my favourite bunch of sweaty beauties dancing their tits off into the night.

It’s a few more weeks until that happens, and to be honest i’m not that positive that we will make it. Word on the street is that online sales are a bit slow because everyone is out shopping, but Make Town is struggling with both right now. We are slipping a little underwater with each day that passes without financial support from our local council or government. Maybe its Covid, or it may just be that Make Town was always destined to disappear just as quickly as arrived.

Pringles is having their closing down sale right now, and Aquascutum has shut its doors and that whole strip of high fashion outlets from Matches and Josephs and ‘what not’ that gave up day one of Covid. Peg isn’t open and three out of four shops across the road are closed. Maybe its just this area has got a cancer and its slowly infecting these businesses one at a time? Maybe its a dud spot, maybe rent should go down and maybe new interesting things will pop up?

Or maybe the world is content with Nike, Burberry, Apple and Amazon. Who am I kidding trying to work in system that values cheap over quality, exploitation of ethical practices and computerisation and online learning over real human interactions and experiences. This is why we no longer have cobblers and chimney sweeps, town criers or blacksmiths and every other community centre and library is being closed down. Everything is online, next day delivery, from the safety of your home and cheap as chips and I just have no chance of fair competition and it is scary.

My heart is heavy, my wallet is more than empty, my strength and courage is dissolving rapidly and the wave is crashing down on me. Kinda like in Castaway. In four years time, I will be found but it will be too late, everyone will have moved on and I will have to start over again. Good film that.

Soz for the Debbie Downer, no hard feelings. If it’s not meant to be, It wont be and what will be will be Que sera sera.

Peace out homies x





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