‘you just gotta do it’

‘you just gotta do it’

Costumers, theatre and wardrobe people, small fashion houses and all round good eggs come together for one goal. #dressthenhs

Posted: 15 April, 2020

The past five weeks have been a bloody rollercoaster. A scale tipping from one extreme of feeling super great, happy to be alive and the next day, full of despair lack of judgement and lots of wine.

However, during this Covid lockdown we have managed step up and enable a very special team of volunteers and produce medical scrubs. 40 sets for St Josephs Hospice, 40 for Homerton Hospital, 40 for Soho Medical and another 100 or so for individual Dr’s across London, and that feels terrific.

What started as a call for a set of scrubs by a local Dr Katie Ward, quickly snowballed into an entire network of capable and caring people raising thousands of pounds and sewing hundreds of sets of scrubs in a matter of weeks.

Across the country there are over 100 hubs now set up, managing and directing volunteers into a frenzy of sewing. It’s kinda nuts. We just bloody did it. No red tape, no sign offs, no hoop jumping or running ideas up the ladder. We just found a hole and we plugged it as quick as we could.

We source local quality and sustainable fabric, we use quality threads and notions, we expect the highest standard of stitching and  finishing techniques and we anticipate our recipients will feel the love and craftsmanship oozing through these scrubs as they tackle the day.

It is hard to understand what will be needed in any crisis or disaster until it hits us in the face. But enabling locals to get this sorted while the NHS heros focus on healing is a piece of piss. It’s dead easy to get a team together to help out when when it’s for a good cause.

I am performing my ‘you just gotta do it’ mantra, which I have been practicing for a good long time. You may have heard Nike use it sometimes? But mostly it’s mine. Actions speak louder than words, especially if your actions are for someone else.

I didn’t choose the scrublife, the scrublife chose me.

Follow our journey on Instagram, chuck some money at the cause on gofundme or volunteer your services here.

But before you go, check out some pics our awesome volunteers x


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