In the workshop

In the workshop

Posted: 23 July, 2019

Alright alright alright!

Herbert Palmer, my main furniture maker man invited me into his workshop to make the handheld tapestry looms we use here at Make Town. Working with a different medium was wonderful, especially when there is a level of danger when at any point you could loose a finger. Exciting as hell!

Herb has made a few rounds of these looms for TLL so he has made little ‘jigs‘ to help the process of 100 looms at a time that much quicker. If you know me at all, you will know that efficiency is my number one jam.

So under the instruction and guidance of Herbert I spent last week in the extreme heat, drinking iced coffees and using heavy duty power tools to complete the 98 looms for the studio, and for you! (2 didnt make the cut and went to the furnace) I’m only human.

Herbert rents a studio space at Blackhorse Workshop, a makerspace in Walthamstow. It reminded me of why we are creating Make Town and put a real spring in my step. Watching different people come into the workshop day after day, slowly knocking away at their own projects in a communal space, admiring others techniques and sharing tools and tips and many a laughs along the way.

A buzzing hive of activity and noise that was truly magical and I hope Make Town will be just as cool. Needless to say, making something from scratch is rewarding as hell, and gives a deeper level of respect for the time and effort gone into something handmade. Worth every penny I reckon.

Peace Out x Aroha nui

Herbert designs and crafts beautiful, thoughtful, and functional bespoke furniture.

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