its’ halloween again

its’ halloween again

and L.A's a bore

Posted: 18 October, 2019

My kids love halloween! It makes total sense to celebrate this silly occasion on this side of the planet! It’s cold, and dark and you can actually carve the pumpkins!

In New Zealand it’s light out, so if you want to get freaky you can’t start roaming the streets until 8pm. Way past bed time. We stab at our grey pumpkins, grown hearty and strong for soup, not carving. A total disaster.

Needless to say, the conditions were never quite right to get fully behind it.

When I was a kid I tried door knocking one year. Nobody was prepared. I was a witch, green face, black robe,  paper mache pointed hat and a broom.

I kid you not, I received lemons, shrapnel from warm pockets, biscuits from the tin, not individually wrapped, promotional products (cause we also hit the business district) and yes, sometimes the odd boiled sweet.  I remember my dad buying so many lollies one year and sat with a sad face when no kids came knocking. Very hit and miss.

But here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are all over it!! My kids plan for this candy loving adventure walk for the whole twelve months leading up to the big day. We have made some killer costumes in the past, but to be fair their ideas are always outstanding!

This year Edith wants to be Ace Ventura, and because she is now groovy with a sewing machine, she’s gonna help make it.

If you happen to be walking the streets this halloween evening , pop into the studio and say hey! Edith will be here with a bag of lemons for ya x

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