It’s Wool Week!

It’s Wool Week!

And that means we have sheep keeping us company!

Posted: 10 October, 2019

Wool is a magical resource. For me and for you, for the sheep and for the planet. The Prince of Wales is all over it and that’s pretty good in our books. We are offering £5 off all floor loom weaving workshops between 10th October – 26th October too, so enter ‘woolweek’ at the checkout for your sweet discount.

Now here are some reasons to love wool as much as Prince Charles and Make Town do x

100% – pure, natural, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable wool. No brainer guys!

Warmth – Real warmth, to the core warmth. Wool will keep you warm adapting to your own body temperature, which means it can cool off too. Magic.

Flame Retardant. – Come into the studio and let’s burn some wool and polyester side by side, and you tell me which one you want to be surrounded in when the planet catches fire.

Strong. – Wool products just last longer, a wise human buys quality. If you need to replace your carpet then choose wool. It will outlive any competition.

Hypoallergenic – it actually makes the air that we breathe cleaner and better. #Science

Insulate – Chuck it in the walls, soundproof with it, protect your table top from hot pots with it. It’s versatile AF

Sheep – Are amazing docile, gentle creatures! They grow wool, we shear it and make awesome products then the cycle continues. If that is not sustainable then I don’t know what is.


Make Town are official supporters and comrades for the campaign for wool. Loud and proud. Wooly and warm. Live Naturally…Choose wool.

Peace Out x Arohanui x


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