Jump and the net will appear

Jump and the net will appear

Posted: 17 June, 2019

Im kind of a universe human. Good vibes are shared with other kindred spirits and it feels awesome for everyone involved, but sometimes my favourite humans who refuel my soul live far away, and instead of being in a shared space I have to transfer their energies into objects to keep them near.

I  have little gems and toanga from different whanau and friends that are not with me and I take them on adventures I think they would like to have joined me in.  It comforts me hard. I carry them in my pocket and twiddle them in my fingers and repeat mantras of gratitude while imagining they are with me in spirit.

When I left The London Loom earlier this year I carried lots of these items with me always, they helped me get through a transition period that I was struggling to get through solo. And the ciggies, I smoked lots of ciggies and there was lots of therapy too. The transition from small business owner to unemployed and the loss of a great friendship was a difficult period. What doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger right?

Universe show me what to do now… This experiment worked and the penny dropped. I am the universe. Mind blown!

It’s a long and personal story, which is better shared in person so I can use hand gestures and voice changes,  but ultimately the universe showed me a net. So I am daring greatly and I have jumped. Make Town and the adventure we are on is for me, and it is for you. Jump into the net with me!

Peace Out x Aroha nui


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