Magnetic pin dish

Magnetic pin dish

a quick sweep with one of these and cleaning is a breeze!

Posted: 17 July, 2022

I received one of these from a local sewing shop when I was a teen as a prize in a sewing competition. Changed my life! The original was destroyed in an earthquake – pre sugru times – otherwise I would have fixed it.

Anyway – we love these in the studio – its kinda magic throwing the pins in the general direction of the magnet and it sucks it in! Science baby!

Or turn it upside down and sweep across your work space or the floor and make clean up quick and satisfying!

There are many options on the market, and you can of course buy a lovely hand made ceramic dish, but I am a tornado in the studio when I am getting creative and I have no time for cute stuff, I need something chunky, durable and practical.

Here are the Highlights…

  • bright colour so not to get lost
  • holds hundreds of pins
  • also holds bobby pins, safety pins and sewing needles
  • lightweight but solid
  • strong magnet
  • clean up a breeze

The Downside of this is it just a bit boring – but sometimes that makes the best product aue?

If you feeling flush I would recommend keeping one at the sewing machine and another at the ironing board.

Another studio fave that we have been using for years

One size fits all

magnetic pin cushion


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