magnetic seam guide

magnetic seam guide

I first used this at fashion school - and it is still my number one must have sewing tool!

Posted: 2 August, 2022

This is the tool in the studio that I get asked about the most! It may contribute to the excellent standard of straight sewing for our newbie sewers or it could be the great tuition, or maybe its Maybelline.

Nah its defo this magnetic seam guide! As long as the plate on your sewing machine is metal (some are not) this little guy will snap into action on the measurement indents and stay there! Instead of relying on just your eyesight to sew an accurate seam allowance, just butt your raw fabric edge flush up against the metal and run it through!

The most basic of tools you need to sew comfortably and accurately (and the list only gets longer and longer as you practice and expand your knowledge)  1. a sewing machine, 2. fabric, 3. scissors, 4. pins and this guy!

Here are the Highlights…

  • sleek and silver ( the second best colour)
  • really strong magnet
  • can also be turned upside down to collect dropped pins
  • sew straight lines every time!
  • really good bang for buck – you will use it thousands of times!

The Downside is that you will probs loose it if you have a kid – the magic power of magnets is real!

I cannot stress this enough – Buy one! Give one as a gift to your sewing pals, tell all your mates – its the best kept secret that everyone should know about.

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