Make nine 2021

Make nine 2021

An instagram challenge just got real.

Posted: 25 January, 2021

This is a little challenge thats headed up on Instagram, I’ts been going on so long I don’t know where it came from or who even cares, but it helps to put some ideas down in a public space to keep you on track in those moments of ‘what shall I do now?’

Essentially, choose nine patterns you want to make in the year, and then make them. Simple Simon.

Making nine things in a year is a piece of piss, not gloating or nothing. If you were a doctor and the challenge was like, i don;t know save 9 dying children you would aim a little higher no? Whatever, the gig is to challenge yaself. So, I have changed it up a bit. I am aiming for ‘Sew Nine New’ and ‘Make Ten Again’ (say it in my accent), ‘Commit to Knit six’

Thats 25 things across all my crafting disciplines. Wanna see what i’ve got lined up for the chopping block??

If you wanna join in its pretty casual, no pressure, no rewards and no failure finger pointing. Just good old fashion participation x

Peace out x Tumeke x




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