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We love you and all the things you do and we want to make things easier for everyone!

Check out all the rad things you can be a part of below.

Because while we wiggle out the finer details, we want your taste buds to be tingling x

Cool AF member only cool shit!

Wear your membership on your sleeve with your exclusive members only welcome pack!

  • Members Loyalty Card
  • Members sew on Patch

Designed and made by us and other local small biz. Keeping it real yo.

Discounts and special offers!

Get first dibs on brand new workshops and sweet discounts!

  • Get 20% off all shop items
  • Hire equipment, tools and gadgets
  • Special Events just for you

It’s always a happy day when you rock up to pay and its cheaper than you thought!

High Fives and Patches

Access our Members only online platform for support and guidance.

  • Online tutorials
  • Tips and tricks
  • Live Q&A’s

Enjoy the journey with the Make Town community while you collect ‘patches’ along the way!

Pop your name down here!

Have a think about it - but not for too long!! We allow a limited number of people to join, because sometimes less is really more...


I don't live in London, can I still join?

For shiz! The really cool benefit sinclude being part of a wider support network of like minded rad people like you. What have you got to loose but a few new virtual friends and whanau x

When does this go live?

Fingers crossed February 2021 x Wouldn’t it be nice to have something amazing to engage with over xmas and Covid?? Let’s hope the behind the scene magic goes smoothly!

How much will this cost?

Oh maybe a fiver or maybe a hundy? We will be offering different tiers of membership to suit you all. From part time side hustling crafty business babes to nervous newbies.

What challenges we talking about?

The crafty kind! We will challenge you to expand and develop your crafting knowledge and gain collector ‘patches’ for your efforts! Yes please!

I don't think I am any good?

Shut your face now! You are! And if you give us the chance we can help you to see that in yourself too. You gotta start somewhere, and we reckon it might as well be here?

I want to make my own everything!

Me too! Pretty much there already, so I know we can help you too! From blankets and quilts, to jerseys and socks, homeware and soft furnishings, costumes and ball gowns, underwear, jewellery dresses, shirts, jeans and jackets. And everything in between.

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