New Year – New you!

New Year – New you!

Not really, looks like we are moving backwards.

Posted: 18 January, 2021

It’s been an age since I dumped my thoughts onto the screen. But there is fuck all else to do and maybe this little ditty will give you a little light relief in your day.

The new year brings new hopes and plans that we will put into action. This year will be the year! Fuck last year, this year will be better wank wank wank. I love grandiose gestures of commitment and resolutions but the thing that actually bloody works is consistency and turning up with integrity every fucking day. Which is hard to do when the planet is literally falling apart and killing the population at an alarmingly scary rate. What’s a girl to do huh?

So even though I can’t see a clear path ahead for this year or even next month (covid kills man), I have made some cool changes in my daily routine to stay motivated to try again today, and the next day, and all the days after that. As long as we both shall live Amen.

This is how I own the day. If the only thing I achieve is this first hour of my day then I chalk that up as a win.
Try it, you might like it. Watch out for the next edition of ‘How Brooke spends her day’ and see what I get up to after 9am. Thrilling stuff.

Peace out x Tumeke x


Step One. 1. Tahi

I wake up to a light alarm. Its so fun! It slowly releases light in the room to simulate the sun rise. Which is the best way to wake up, but hard to do surrounded by highrise buildings smooshed together in London.

And….it plays birds chirping. Good luck having that sweet sound to wake up to in London organically. Then I get up immediately to turn those birds off anyway.

Step Two. 2. Rua

Down a big glass of water.  I go straight to the kitchen and fix me and Bob a big glass of water with a Magnesium effervescent tablet in it.

Then I go back to bed and drink it with the curtain up and window open wide.

Step three. 3. Toru

Get out the yoga mat. We are not lucky enough to have an outdoor area at our flat, but we are  lucky enough to have room in our house to do exercise.

20 Burpees – Someone told me that kickstarting your body in this way is pretty efficient to get the juices flowing. Gotta say, it bloody works.

Step four. 4. Wha

Just a quick yoga set. 10 easy but rewarding minutes of sun salutations with everyones favourite yoga babe – Yoga with Adriene.

Adriene says ‘a little goes a long way’, and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

Stepfive . 5. Rima

Casual pilates workout. I don’t enjoy this at all, but it helps me feel better about all the chocolate and crisps I eat for dinner.

I rotate through a few different workouts, usually core, but I also  do workouts for shoulders, posture and wrists, especially as these need a good rinse after 10 hours of knitting and sewing.

Chloe Gregor is my main gal for this, she is so strong and smily! She’s an aussie too, so when she says ‘hip dips’ its pretty lols.

Step six. 6. Ono

Shower time. A quick wash of face, pits and pussy and then teeth – I do that in the shower cause i’m rough and messy and get foam everywhere.

Then I have a timed 2 minute cold shower and holy shit I am alive and ready to slay the mother fucking day!

Step seven. 7 . Whitu

Straighten up. I get dressed, put my face on, straighten up the bed and the house, laundry, dishes, what not. It’s dull but necessary.

That all takes about 1.5 hours before I make a coffee, sit on the couch and netflix, knit and chill.

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