pink makes the boys wink

pink makes the boys wink

The Ottoline by Merchant & Mills

Posted: 8 December, 2019

I thought this would be a challenge, it says so on the packet, but I tell ya what, having three machines helped no end.

The pattern was self explanatory with lots of images to help along the way, the only part that was messy was the placket on the sleeves.  Tricky reading of instructions followed with dodgy stitching my end. But as long as the top stitching looks alright on the top then thats the main thing. And it bloody well does!

As a general rule I always cut the smallest size, I like my clothes pretty snug. I new this would be too big for my liking  based off the sizing info, but put no thought into the length of the sleeves, they could have definitely have done with a chop. I like my sleeves 3/4 because if they are long, billowing or flared they  get in the way with my making, but I guess I will just have to roll these up.

The secret pocket on the inside with it’s clever technique was aces!! Loved the top tips in regards to using top stitching thread for this garment too.

Would I make this again? Yes! I would make the sleeves shorter, omit the placket sides and sleeves for a quicker make. Asides from that, this is a great staple pattern to add to your wardrobe, to teach you some great techniques in topstitching and further expand your sewing skills with the collar that was the best drafted collar I have used to date!



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