Clone your Clothes – Weekend in November

From: £165.00

You probably already own your perfect garment… let us show you how to take that garment and draft a pattern so you can sew a million more!

This is a 2 day – weekend short course teaching your how to take your favourite, ‘I’d wear it every day if I could’ wardrobe staples, and turn them into paper patterns so you can make them again and again and again!

The two sessions are 5 hours long – with a 30 minute lunch break on both days.

Appropriate garments would be shirts, woven tops, skirts, basic dresses and jumpsuits without zippers. Not suitable for stretch garments or more technically challenging garments like suit jackets or garments with fly, zippers etc this time round x

Saturday 30th November – Learn to flat copy your garment, measure and resolve the pattern by checking seam lines, correct notch position, and add any notations. Learn how to correctly mark your new paper pattern, add seam allowances, and create simple step by step instructions for sewing your garment.

Sunday 1st December  – Finish drafting your pattern, cut it from calico (provided) and make a start on sewing your first sample of your new garment!

  • MT will provide – Paper, all pencils, tools and notions. Sewing machines threads etc. Calico fabric for your mock up (toile) and printed handout for reference.
  • You will need to bring – A notebook & a couple of garments (non stretch) that your would like to clone, Ali they/them will help you decide a good one to start with. Please email us if you are unsure if your garment will be appropriate, we are happy to advise.

This course is suitable for sewers with experience in sewing commercial patterns. If you are unsure, just holla x It is unlikely that you will complete your sample (unless you are a demon sewer) but you can easily book time in the studio to keep working on your garment.

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Will this class be suitable for me?

Could be?  You don’t need to be an expert but you need to be comfortable in basic construction.

Ali will take their time in helping you understand what you are doing and why. Keen attitudes all welcome!

Can I cancel my booking?

Absolutely. You are welcome to log into your account and cancel your booking for a full refund. You have up to 7 days before the start date to do this. After this period, all bookings are final.

What if I can't make a session?

You won’t complete the clone! Please ensure you are able to make all both dates before booking. Missing a session will mean you will fall behind and we may not be able to catch you up, as this becomes disruptive to the rest of the group.


What happens if I don't finish in the 2 sessions?

You probably won’t. Thats ok, all projects take different lengths of time for different people. You will be able to make a start on your garment, and you can finish this at home, or book some sewing time at MT to complete your toile x

What is the minimum age to attend?

We are happy to host well behaved people 18+ we need attentive and focussed students, we have a lot to get through x

Clone your Clothes – Weekend in November

From: £165.00


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