Crochet Course – 6 weeks of intensive crafting

Crochet Course – 6 weeks of intensive crafting

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Crochet is one of those crafts that needs a good bloody teacher, and I have found her!

Over 6 weeks and sessions learn the fundamentals of crochet! The best start to get you on your hooking journey good and proper!! Beginner kit of hooks and quality yarn included!

Have a read below, but don’t hesitate this is going to sell out quick!



Session 1 -Hello and welcome! – Intro

In this session we will cover the basics of crochet; how to hold your yarn and hook, foundation chains, double crochet stitch and treble crochet stitch, turning your work, and how to secure your work.

This session will give you the foundational skills and confidence to go on to start larger projects and work with more complex stitches, and you will complete a fun stripey sample. 

We will provide a variety of hooks and colourful yarns to keep you happy and creative!

Session 2 -Shells 

In this session we will cover working with groups of stitches to create fans and shells. So commonly found in crochet patterns and they look far more complex than they actually are!

We will explore working with colour and scale, and you will learn how to change colour, calculate a foundation chain, and how to read crochet patterns and charts – Everyone wants this!



Session 3 -Motifs

In this session we will explore creating crochet motifs and blocks, starting with the classic granny square! Way cooler than it sounds and the perfect kick off for so many projects!

You will learn how to create a foundation circle, the granny stitch pattern, how to change colour, and how to secure your work. We will also revisit reading patterns and charts. 

Session 4 – Project 1

In this session we will start working on a full project, and will learn how to create and measure a tension swatch, block and join our work, and sew in ends securely.

We will build on our pattern reading skills from previous sessions and Cathy will be there to offer support and guidance as you embark on your first full project! 

We will provide you with some great simple to follow patterns or bring some of your won along for advice and guidance.


Session 5 – Project 2

In this session we will continue working on our projects. Maybe you are a whizz and finished that and want to start another? Or maybe you got a bit stuck and need to be saved! 

Cathy will be there to troubleshoot any questions you have about the best way to fix your mistakes and to complete your project, including blocking and caring for your beautiful crochet masterpieces!

Session 6 – Show and Tell! 

In this final session we will come back together after a few weeks apart to show each other our progress on our projects and what we are currently working on.

This is a great opportunity to really work on your projects, to give a bit of a time frame to help those who need it to complete projects ( no judgements ) and Cathy will provide support for completing projects and answer any questions that may have come up while we were apart.

Bring a beer, or some wine cause this is going to be worth celebrating!

Who is Cathy?

Cathy is a London based textile and community artist who works with crochet, knit, stitch, and dyes to create contemporary and playful garments and artworks.  

She has 5 years of experience teaching workshops and courses in a range of crafts, and her focus on playfulness in her own textile practice translates to a focus on giving students the techniques and tools to explore their own creativity in a lighthearted way. 

Cathy believes that making things is good for us, and that through learning new craft techniques we can go on to explore our creativity and include it in our lives more, as well as finding a sense of community in a class together. 

Also she helped run the Scrubhub thang so I know she is a good egg!

Crochet FAQ's

Do I need any previous experience?

Nope!  This is a beginner course so you don’t need any previous experience of crochet, but a basic level of maths is required. This is a practical course using hand techniques, so a high level of manual dexterity is required.

I think i'm a bit unwell...

Back off then! I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but everyone’s safety is paramount in our studio so stay the fuck away. We can catch you up x

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope! Materials and tools are included in the cost of the course, and further materials can be purchased from Make Town with advice given on what’s right for your project. A notebook and pen are always handy though!

Can I bring a pattern or project that I want to work on? 

Hell yes! We will offer suggestions of appropriate level projects to work on, but if you have something specific in mind bring it along and we can have a chat about whether it’s possible.

I'm a leftie, can I come?

Absolutely. But we will be teaching you right handed. We do have a fancy mirror trick we can use, but its not our specialty to teach left handed sorry!

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Crochet Course – 6 weeks of intensive crafting