Backstrap Weaving – Alex Lucas

Backstrap Weaving – Alex Lucas

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Want to try a new style of weaving on the floor here at MT?
Bring a cushion and let’s get weaving!

Beginners welcome for this one, even if you’ve never tried weaving before! Ever!

50% off for MT Members – ohh I love ya x

What's backstrap weaving?

As with the floor looms we use here at Make Town, backstrap weaving is used to create beautiful, traditional textiles.

Backstrap weaving originates mainly in South America and South East Asia, but also has practices in Eastern Europe.

The whole loom relies on the weaver resting the “back” strap on their waist. This is connected to the front and back beams, which in turn are connected to a sturdy surface (be it a table, a tree or your bed).

You, as the weaver, are the driving force that makes the whole loom come together. It relies on your movement to open up the shed sticks and grow the piece.

What's the plan Stan?

During the course 3.5 hour workshop you’ll learn about:

  • the structure of the backstrap loom and how it works
  • setting up your loom from scratch for tapestry weaving
  • attaching the warp strings from the back to front beam with the right tension
  • how to attach the shed stick and heddles to the warp
  • understand the mechanics of the loom and how it works with the movement of your body
  • basic stitching, as well as weft interlocking
  • how to add the third beam to your weaving when your piece becomes longer as you progress
  • finishing techniques for when the piece is taken off the loom

There will be a 30 min lunch break. So bring your own lunch to enjoy in the studio, or feel free to pop over to the cafe across the road for some me time!

We got you covered

All materials (except for the loom) are included in the price of the workshop and after the session Alex will send you a beautifully designed PDF that you can refer back to as you continue your weaving journey!

The loom will be available to purchase at the end of the session at a special price of £80 if you want to keep going at home!

You will be sitting on the floor, so please determine if this workshop is suitable for you and bring a cushion to put under your delicious bum.

Meet Alex!

The very lovely Alexandra Lucas is a weaver and artist based in North London.

She weaves tapestries and rugs on an ancient backstrap loom which is strapped onto her body. Her work often touches on the themes of nostalgia – be it through abstracting family albums or weaving crisp packets as an ode to her ultimate childhood comfort food.

You’re in for a real treat with this one.

All workshop images courtesy of YiCrafts.

workshop FAQ's

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your awesome self! Everything you will need for this workshop is taken care of including herbal teas and a toilet.

Any sweet deals for members?

Why yes! If you’re sensible enough to be a MT member, you can get 50% off all guest workshops. Well done you!

I missed the train and i'm running late

Ain’t no thing chicken wing! We will always start the workshop on time, but will catch you up the best we can.

I can no longer make it, can I get a refund?

Sorry pal, unfortunately we do not offer refunds on our guest workshops. But you are welcome to send someone you know in your place instead.

Whats for lunch?

Sandwiches? I don’t know, but there is a nice cafe across the street and you can help yourself yo a cuppa on me x

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Backstrap Weaving – Alex Lucas