Easter weaving special! 3 hours for £35

Easter weaving special! 3 hours for £35

From: £35.00

Book Baby! Check dates

Just like our ‘Floor Loom Weaving’ session but blocks of 3 hours and cheaper for Jesus x



The best beginner friendly workshop in London! Innit

For this price, you basically can’t loose!
Get crafty this long weekend x

What is freestyle weaving?

Weaving is a traditional way to make cloth but in the studio we suggest you play with all the colour and fibre you can handle!

We make it super super modern and you walk away with something you can hang on the wall and be proud of!

Learn about

  • loom anatomy
  • tools and tricks
  • play with & fibre and colour
  • shapes and stripes
  • creative techniques
  • whole body experience
  • meditative, relaxing and satisfying

All equipment and materials are provided in the cost of the workshop.

Becky hosts our monthly Queer Craft meet ups and runs these beginner floor loom weaving sessions for our fabulous LGBTQT.

If thats more your jam, then book into one of those now! But you are always most welcome in the studio when it suits you.

Its so easy and joyous you’ll be pissed you didn’t come earlier!

floor loom weaving FAQ's

Is 3 hours long enough?

Yeah! thats plenty of time, book in two 3 hour blocks and you got yourself a scarf mate!

My kid will love this!

Amen! Kids can weave solo as long as they can reach the pedals – so like 6years+… Book the whole whanau in!

I'm having trouble booking?

Oh dear! We have 6 floor looms at the moment, so somebody may have booked the time you want. Click around until you find something that works.

What do I make?

Uniquely handmade cloth! Most people are pretty stoked to hang it up in a room somewhere and remember the best day of their lives!

How much can I make?

How long is a piece of string? Everything will become crystal clear in about 10 minutes after starting to weave, so just relax into it and see what happens.

Where do I go from here?

Through the glass roof baby! after you have a couple of these sessions under your belt, you will be ready to book the ‘weave a scarf’ workshop and dress the loom yourself!

Book now

Evening weaving sessions available for return weavers only

Check it out!

From: £35.00

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Easter weaving special! 3 hours for £35