Hire a sewing machine

Hire a sewing machine

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Book Baby! Check dates

Book in for a some creative sewing studio time here at Make Town.

Bring along a new project, a half finished one, bring some mending, a problem and bring a mate!



Got Space? We do x

Ok, so you have taken up a bit of sewing during lockdown but could do with a bit more space, maybe a little overlocking and and ironing board that works? Come on in!

Our studio is fit out with

  • Janome sewing machines
  • overlockers
  • sewing pins and threads
  • cutting tables & mats
  • irons & ironing boards
  • hams & sleeve boards
  • scissors, and lefty ones too
  • paper & rulers
  • tools & hammers
  • snaps & studs
  • scrap fabrics to test and use
  • Space to really spread out!

Everything you could possibly need for a couple hours of dedicated creative freedom is rights here.

Although bring anything else you want x

This doesn’t include looms – book here for weaving.

What ya got there sunny?

We have unlimited tea and coffee, oat milk, soda stream, beers for the end of the day and a George Forman Grill so you can make toasties and also Tesco is just up the road!

I’m pretty sure this is where you need to be during this – post covid – work from home – never leave the house – sick of my mess – dude wheres my car – kinda time of life.

This is very much a social sewing day and not an intensive teaching session. If you need  teaching check out this!

This doesn’t include looms – book here for weaving.

Do I need any previous experience?

Just a little. We recommend you attend our learn to sew – the basics workshop so you know how we like our machines to be treated. But if you have the confidence and a little previous experience then just get here already!.

Can I stay a bit longer?

Sure! If there are no bookings after you and you need to stay a bit longer its £5 per hour or partial hour – Try not to rely on this though, better to be safe than sorry!

I didn't use all my time?

Too bad bro. I wish I could accomodate every single persons whim and wish and personal experience with speed of sewing, but this is how we roll so my admin is less painful. Soz team – I’m only me.

Can I bring my dog?

Nah not this time. I mean I would love to say yes, but because of all the pins on the floor I just know how this is gonna go down!

Can you show me stuff?

Maybe. It’s just me running the show here, but if its super quiet, no problemo. If you want more attention – check this out. You know I love talking sewing all day everyday so I will do my best to serve!

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Hire a sewing machine