HIRE – Warping Board

If you have nabbed yourself one of our prized ‘Inside Sets’ then this is how you can book in to make your warp!

We have 2 Warping Boards available in the studio. Each board is able to make 11 mts of warp, although you don’t have to make that much!

Included in your ‘Inside Set’ hire cost is the use of all of our materials and threading equipment. We are able to help you calculate how much you need for your project and suitable materials to achieve your desired results. You are most welcome to bring you own yarns too. You can experiment with colour and patterns for a 2 shaft loom, which we have samples available to inspire you.

The Board is booked for the whole day – 6 hours – which should be enough time to measure, and thread your inside set. We cannot guarantee a loom will be available to wind your warp on to the loom, so this may need to be done on your first weaving session.

MT Members only x 


What is a warping board?

A warp maker. The warp is the threads we dress on the loom and they create the grain of the cloth so to speak. Our warping boards can make a minimum of 1.5 mts and up to 11mts in one go. The widest you can make your warp is 50cm wide.

You will have used this in your ‘Warp to Weft’ workshop. Its a methodical and relaxing repetitive process.

Why do I have to book 6 hours?

Its’ just easier this way. Our system has its perimeters and this is the best way to ensure we have equipment available for you so you can take your sweet time, measuring and then threading. Cause you know it takes a long time!

What patterns can we make?

We have a few up our sleeve. We have a wonderful booklet, outlining different patterns that are easily achieved on our looms, with some samples in the studio. We can advise on basic repetitions or challenging patterns that require more concentration based on your previous experience and skill level.


What materials can I use?

Almost everything. In the ‘Warp to Weft’ workshop you will have used cotton, it is strong and reliable. Some yarns are better for warp than others, but we can chat about this before you make a start.

For your second time you are welcome to use more tricksy yarns. Combining different fibres creates different finishes. Go for something consistent or experiment with a variety of yarns and weights and see what happens.

Can I cancel my booking?

Absolutely. You are welcome to log into your account and cancel your booking. We would appreciate if you can do this no later than 7 days before the start date so we don’t create a backlog or problems for other makers.

We are unable to reschedule bookings due to the capabilities of our system. Soz about it x

HIRE – Warping Board


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