Knit – The Sheep Jumper

Knit – The Sheep Jumper


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Strap in fellas!

Beginner friendly, cause everything is a piece of piss when you have some excellent guidance.

Over the course of 4 weeks we are gonna tackle this epic jumper! If you can knit this, you can knit bloody anything! Take the challenge its gonna be a blast!


These sessions are taught be the wonderful Theodora herself – The pattern writer and creator so you know you will be in good hands.

And I will be there on hand with snacks and beers and words of encouragement and I am gonna make another! Its so fun!

Nothing like a group of knitters getting shit done. Challenge yourself you are in good hands x

Whats the plan

Over 5 weeks, meeting on the 1st Thursday each month we will tackle the various tasks and will result in an epic jersey that will be as unique as you!

You will learn:

  • To knit a sample gauge swatch
  • To adjust that swatch to correct your tension
  • To experiment with colour and texture and yarn weight and fibre
  • Instarsia – the method of using multiple strands in a row
  • To wet block a garment correctly
  • To stitch the garment together

Now, I know this may seam like quite a big bridge to cross but we will be able to show you how to knit this for your level. Maybe you would prefer a plain back? Or striped sleeves instead, let us show you how to reimagine this just for you.

What do I bring?

You will need

  • 5mm & 6mm straight or circular needles  – your call on what works for
  • You may need to bring change these to get the correct tension
  • A variety of chunky yarns -We recommend these ones for your main colours or any Double Knit (DK) held double also works really well
  • Try really hard to use what yarn you have! We hope you will bring in your oddsodds to swap and share – this will be so fun!
  • Also a project bag – Quite a big one!

Yarns to collect!

  • cream approx 200 mt- If working a plain back and sleeves, approx  600m
  • stone approx 200m
  • candy pink, dark pink, grass green – approx 120m
  • camel, peach, skyblue, yellow – approx 100m
  • cloud blue, white, black, dark brown, dark green, orange – oddments

You will receive 10% off all products, accessories and yarns purchased at Make Town towards this project – Boom!

We will provide everything else you need including a printed pattern of the now pretty famous Sheep Jumper!

Week 1

Kia ora homies!

  • basic stitches recap
  • tension swatch
  • correct gauge
  • intarsia technique
  • any troubleshooting Q’s

Homework – Cast on ribbing and knit ribbing for back

Week 2 & 3

Welcome back!

  • any troubleshooting Q’s
  • ribbing knit and back started
  • chart reading and pattern interpretation
  • intarsia started and looking great

Homework – Finish both front and backs for cast off & sleeves

Week 4

Hello again!

  • any troubleshooting Q’s
  • cast off back and front
  • cast on sleeves
  • knit both sleeves
  • blocking techniques
  • stitching pieces together

Homework – Flaunt that jersey baby! Go get all the praise you deserve!

Sheep Jumper FAQ's

Am I ready for this?

Yip! The whole reason you are doing this is so you can progress. We will be here the entire way. Flex your knitting muscles, learn the tekkers and take your knitting next level!

What level of knitting do I need?

Basic! If you have knitted a scarf, or a hat you are good. You just need a bit of confidence and we will take you through the rest. Promise!!

What stitches do I need to know?

Just the K & P baby! Besides the ribbing at the cuffs and hem it’s Knit one row, then Purl one row. A few increases which we will cover in week 3.

Can I choose other colours?

Absolutely! These are just a starting point. Grab what you have at hand and see what magic combos you can create.

What if I can't finish?

Shh thats dark magic. How about you try to finish and we will cross that bridge when we get to it aye?

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Knit – The Sheep Jumper