Late night weaving – members only

Late night weaving – members only

From: £30.00

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The best beginner friendly workshop in London is now available in the evenings for those late night creative types.

Members only – cause you’re worth it x

seriously cool weaving

 You know the deal.

Rock up, do some weaving, chill the fuck out before bed time.

Members only – For return weavers only as these sessions run alongside our Late Night Sewing classes.

Perfect for those working on larger/longer pieces or work the day shift…

Get some extra weaving practice in, and infuse your creative juices with the vibes of MT x

It’s better than a cup of cold sick, and still much cheaper than therapy.


Can I bring my friend?

Kinda. But you will have to teach them if I am busy helping someone else in the studio with their sewing… OK? Also – they will need to pay full price – or become a MT member!

can i bring my kid?

Nah. These sessions are for our adult friends only. 18+ cause we may have some serious adult chat and some booze.

Can I bring my dinner?

Yeah course. We have a bar out the back, plates, cutlery, toaster, jug/kettle butter, salt and pepper you know the basics. Eat up x

can I bring my dog?

Only if it is super chill. I take zero responsibility for your animal eating pins and trash from the studio floor and if I trip over your dog, and can no longer work, I will sue you x

Can I bring my own yarn?

Absolutely! We love checking out all of your stash. anything goes in the loom and we can’t wait to see what you make!

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2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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Late night weaving – members only