Laughs and Crafts with Mossbourne

Laughs and Crafts with Mossbourne

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Hello and welcome to Laughs and Crafts! 

After school club for Mossbourne Riverside Academy year 2 kids.

Only 15 spots so get in quick to avoid disappointment!



Whats the deal?

We are 2 high school mates with our own creative endeavours banding together to help out the parents/carers of Mossbourne kids and have a happy hoot at the same time.

Brooke has 2 big kids and runs Make Town, teaching textile workshops for all people of all ages.

Jen has 2 little kids, is an actor and pilates teacher and has years of experience running dance and drama focused workshops for kids aged 5-17.

Both are pretty good at having fun and being silly billies. But if it really comes down to it, Brooke is the good cop and Jen is the bad cop. 

What will I learn?

Each week we will run a workshop that either focuses on crafts or performance changing from one week to the next.

Working towards an end of year show to put on for the grown ups in December – so book in for next term too!

(more on this later in the term)



15:30 – 16:00 Pick up from Mossbourne Riverside Academy & snacktime

16:00 – 16:30 Walk to bus stop (Trowbridge Estate bust Q) and take bus 276 to Make Town

16:30 -17:30 Workshop (either crafts or theatre arts)

17:30 – 17:45 Pick-up from Make Town

Book a spot as follows

Starts Tuesday 15th September  – 20th October (6 weeks)

Starts Tuesday 3rd  November – 8th December (6 weeks)

Please select the start date of the block on the calendar to book a spot for your child today!

FAQ's for Laughs and Crafts

Does my child need to be at Mossbourne?

Yup! We are working to keep these kids in their covid bubbles, so only Mossbourne Riverside Academy year 2 kids.

How safe is Make Town?

As safe as houses mate! Although we also run a shop from the studio, this will be closed while we conduct the workshop and the doors locked, but the fire exit open.

What's your Covid plans?

Erghh where do we start? At Make Town we endeavour to follow Govt guidelines as they change willy nilly and at the drop of a hat.

You can read more about our Covid Policy here:

What if my kid can't attend?

Just give us a heads up! If they are unable to make it, thats cool, but please let us know. We are a tight knit whanau and we care about your child’s safety. A quick email will do the trick. Thanks!

What kinda snacks ??

All the good stuff! Vegan and gluten free, bananas, apples, carrot sticks, raisins, rice cakes and on special occasions like halloween some candy. Hit us up with any allergies.

What if its raining?

Yeah London does that sometimes aye? Please be prepared with brollies and raincoats and we will do our best to keep em dry.

Tell me the numbers please.

Math is cool aye? 2 adults to a max of 15 kids. We catch the 276 bus from school to Make Town at 4pm after the last kids are released from school. Pick up between 5:30pm & 5:45pm good as gold.

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Laughs and Crafts with Mossbourne