Knit your own socks! – with Brooke x 4 sessions

Knit your own socks! – with Brooke x 4 sessions

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Come on! Scarfs are boring! Challenge yourself to master the magical art of sock knitting!!

Learn all the nifty tricks to knit vanilla/classic/simple socks. And once you have the fundamentals there will be no stopping those tappy feet!

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4 sessions – We will meet at 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Friday 6th January + Friday 13th January 

Friday 20th January  + Friday 27th January

How does this work??

Firstly – Make Town will provide EVERYTHING!

We will knit a full adult sock over 4 weeks. choosing between one colour or two for your socks. All you need to do is show up with a project bag, a pencil and a smile cause you are gonna love this workshop!

You will receive

  • Printed paper pattern
  • 3.25mm double pointed needles
  • Your choice of 2 colours or merino/silk DK weight yarn for your socks
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry Needle

At the end of this workshop, you will have a very thorough understanding of sock knitting and 1 finished sock – Then all you have to do is knit its sexy partner.

I LOVE knitting socks and you will too!

Week 1

Lets get started!

We will discuss the components of sock knitting, the equipment needed, and the pattern, then jump straight into knitting our first sock!

  • Pick  2 colours of merino/silk yarn to use, including how to hold the needles
  • Learn the long tail cast on or my favourite, the twisted German cast on.
  • How to hold 4 needles at once and knit the rib 2×2 cuff of your sock.
  • Change colours and start the leg of your sock
Homework – knit the leg of your sock

Week 2

The flap & heel turn 

We will show and tell how far we have progressed on our sock then jump into…knitting the slipstitch heelflap back and forth on just 2 needles

  • Knit back and forth on 2 needles to create the heel flap
  • Knit the heel using short rows before getting ready to pick up and knit the gusset

This week will be challenging and a nice change from knitting in the round.

Homework – complete these 2 steps ready for the gusset

Week 3

Picking up the gusset

Almost half way there! We will learn to pick up stitches along the heel & flap and use stitch markers and keep count

  • Pick up and knit the gusset section
  • Learn decrease stitches to knit the gusset back into a tube
  • Knit the foot of the sock (round and round and round and round)

Homework – Finish the gusset and get into the swing of knitting in the round the whole foot

Week 4

Finishing your sock!

Most of the sock should be knitted by now, and all we ned to do is close the toe.

Change colours for the toe to match the cuff
  • Knit decreases for the toe shaping
  • Use Kitcheners stitch to finish the live stitches on your needles
  • Weave in the tails
  • Learn two different ways to block your sock

Homework – Finish the other bloody sock! Hows about that!

So proud of you!

Do I need any previous experience?

YES! This workshop is for confident beginners! If you feel comfortable changing between Knit and Purl, then this is perfect for you!

I wont be able to make all the session.

Not to worry! Learning IRL is best but life is busy, so we will run a whatsapp support group so you can tap into advice at anytime

Can I bring my kid?

Sure why not? Babies are of course welcome and if you have a kid older than 13 that wants to join then book the two of ya in and learn together!

What if I don't finish?

Don’t stress! Sometimes life gets in the way, so just do your best and we will be available to help out with questions on the whatsapp x

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Knit your own socks! – with Brooke x 4 sessions