Learn to sew – Part One

Learn to sew – Part One

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Ever wanted to sew, but not sure where to start? This is a crash taster course in how to use a sewing machine!

Learn to use a sewing machine

This is the perfect class, for those curious about learning to sew on their own but may need a wee refresher or some guidance.

We like to call this machine etiquette.

If you treat your machine right, it will sew beautifully for you, and we know just how to tickle her fancy.

This class is a one off and all adults and children 13+ are welcome to join in the fun.



What will I learn?

In this taster course you will learn about basic equipment and materials for simple sewing.

  • About different fabrics suitable for beginners
  • About different needle sizes and how and when to change them
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • How to thread the sewing machine
  • How to change your stitch width and length, swap feet, adjust tension and basic trouble shooting.
  • How to sew a variety of seams, curves and corners
  • How to finish your seams with an overlocker or zig zag stitch

Where to from here?

At the end of this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of how your sewing machine can work for you, and the confidence to tackle a project!

All materials are included in the workshop.

You are welcome to bring any fabric you may be having trouble with, any pattern or technique queries for discussion after the class.

You will now be able to come along to our freestyle sewing sessions or book in and make this! 

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Learn to sew – Part One