Learn to sew slacks – Jan – 3 sessions

Learn to sew slacks – Jan – 3 sessions

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Learn to use a sewing machine with skill and efficiency and whip up a pair of slacks with us!

All inclusive sewing experience! We got it all covered, so stop stressing and start sewing.

This is the perfect series of workshops for those curious about learning to sew on their own following commercial patterns using quality and professional techniques.

Over three weeks you will learn how to use the machine correctly, basic trouble shooting, fundamental techniques and finish a pair of slacks.

Make Town will provide pattern, thread and a selection of quality linen cloth and all necessary equipment to use for the duration of the course.

Take all the guess work out of the equation and lets just get sewing!

What's the plan Stan?

Over three weeks you will learn

  • About different fabrics suitable for beginners
  • About different needle sizes and how and when to change them
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • How to thread the sewing machine
  • How to change your stitch width and length, swap feet, adjust tension and basic trouble shooting
  • How to sew a variety of seams, curves and corners
  • How to finish your seams with an overlocker
  • How to measure your body, and start cutting your trouser pattern out to your size
  • How to correctly lay and cut cloth
  • How to interpret and read commercial patterns and follow instructions
  • How to fully sew a garment, with overlocked seams, side pockets, waistband and hem

What do I bring?

Remember – All materials are included in this workshop.

You are welcome to bring any notions or equipment you may like to use, or get some advice on.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of garment construction and a fancy pair of casual slacks to swan off home in! La de daa!

To ensure the respect of peoples personal space with vital cleanliness and sterilisation practices in full swing, we will only have 5 students per session.

We anticipate you to be in excellent health and respect the measures we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

You get the idea aye?

Do I need any previous experience?

Yes! you can book a refresher class here first. We will go through the very basics at the beginning, all the way through to your finished snazzy trousers. These a tried and true pattern for beginners to practice with.

Can I bring my own fabric?

Why would ya? We like for everyone to use the same materials in the class so we can ensure a perfectly finished product. We use a linen/viscose fabric and I will tell ya all about it on day one!

I think i'm a bit unwell...

Back off then! I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but everyone’s safety is paramount in our studio so stay the fuck away. We can get you back in to finish the project when you are feeling better.

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Learn to sew slacks – Jan – 3 sessions