Learn to sew Take Two

Learn to sew Take Two

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Got Part One under your belt? Awesome!

Finished Part One already?

Awesome! This is the perfect follow on class, where we tackle a drawstring bag.

You already know how to thread the machine so now lets make something practical.

This class is a one off and all adults and children 13+ are welcome to join in the fun.



What will I learn?

In this workshop you will learn how to read a simple pattern and follow instructions, from start to completion.

  • About suitable fabrics, pattern placement and layout makings, the grain line and seam allowances
  • How to follow written instructions
  • How to match seams perfectly and create a box bottom for your bag.
  • How to sew a lining, edge stitching and a drawstring closure.
  • How to finish your bag with hand sewing techniques if you choose.

What do I bring?

You will provide a small selection of suitable fabrics for you to choose.

Or bring along

  • 50cm of fabric for the outer of your bag
  • and 50cm for the lining of the bag.

We recommend light/medium weight woven fabrics including denim, craft cotton, chambray, linen or handmade woven cloth from our floor loom weaving workshop!

Make Town will provide everything else.

Your finished bag will measure 25cm x 13cm x 18cm. The perfect size for carrying your knitting in or holding your sewing accessories in.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or better still pop in and let’s chat face to face.

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Learn to sew Take Two