Make Town Turns 2 Wooohoo Party Party

Make Town Turns 2 Wooohoo Party Party

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First drink is on us! And the last – if you stick around… Can ya fill me in..


How good are your parties?

The best! Obviously all of you are there so it will be amazing!

You are my favourite people in the world, and you just keep coming back and spending your money here so I can live my best life with you!

So let us celebrate love and laughter! Lord knows we deserve it!

This past year has been so rubbish on so many levels – its quite astonishing that we are still here really!

Happy Birthday Round 2!!

What do I bring?

Just your best self!

We will be celebrating the best way we know how – Kiwi Stylez.

  • sausage rolls
  • asparagus rolls
  • cheese rolls
  • chups and dup
  • fairy bread
  • pikelets
  • pineapple and cheese hedgehogs

And the star of the show will be a cake from the best kids birthday cake book in the world.

Honest, we know how to serve up a party spread that’ll make your eyes water!

We will be serving cheap beers and tasty nz wine and if you stay long enough Craig Davids on the houseĀ  x

Bring ya party frocks this is gonna be one hell of a night x

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Partners in crime

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2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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Make Town Turns 2 Wooohoo Party Party