Meet your Maker Launch Party

Meet your Maker Launch Party

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We’ve partnered with the uber cool Robecca from Sans Pareil to bring you Meet Your Maker.

A 5 day pop-up event from November 20th – 24th right here at Make Town!


whats the deal?

In the tradition of all things sustainable, ethical and slow fashion, we’ve brought together 10 of the best UK and international based designers for a wicked pop up event .

Get onboard with this super important movement and support independent designers making a difference to fashion consumption in our world. Swing by the studio, meet the maker, feel the fabric, enjoy the colour, appreciate the quality and purchase a forever statement piece for you or someone your love.

Grab a ticket to the launch party for your pick of the bunch, a drink from the super mixologist Stuart Anderson a.k.a Tin On Tin and listen to a discussion around sustainable and ethical fashion with some very intelligent and in the know dudes.


Wednesday 20th - Launch Party

Come along to the Opening night of this fab POP up!

Guests will be treated to an exclusive opening party with free drink and  a panel of speakers who will discuss the importance of slow fashion and what we can do to improve the textile industry. Listen to the brains behind Ethics Matter, Fabric for Freedom and Sans Pareil and a few others TBC.

The designers will be here to share with you their personal story of their brand and their products.

Our floor looms will be available for you to have weave on too.

Grab a ticket to our opening event for only £6.00 now!



Thursday 21st November

On Thursday we will be hosting a workshop on Decorating your Denim.

A fun and creative way to bring an old jacket back to life with cotton threads, jewels, beads tassels and pom poms

Grab a ticket to Decorate your denim event for only £15.00 here…


Friday 22nd - Talk from FFF

On the Friday evening Fabric for Freedom will be back with a discussion about the dark side of fast fashion, the ugly truth about where some of our fast fashion pieces come from.

Learn about how you can make  small changes to reduce your contribution to fast fashion before your next garment purchase.

Grab a ticket to this talk only £10.00 here…

Saturday23rd November

On Saturday the shop will be open as usual and we will be hosting a macrame plant hanger workshop using recycled T Shirt Yarn.

Grab a ticket and make a plant hanger for only £20.00 here…



Sunday 24th November

The shop will be open once again for your last chance  to pick up truly sustainable fashion and get your Christmas shopping started and sorted.

We are also hosting a drop in a scrunchie making workshop between 11am – 2pm.

Grab a ticket and make a scrunchie for only £7.00 here…


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Meet your Maker Launch Party