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So you wanna be a member?

Aces! Make Town is the gig for you.

Think of a sweaty gym for working out when it works for you, but instead of hard bods and wet rags, we have a rainbow wall of yarn, a giant space for sewing, weaving and getting creative with wicked vibing music, and happy friendly faces instead.

Thats much better aye?

Simply book some time in the studio or drop in on a whim and spend a few hours getting lost in stimulating creativity with textiles and ya mates.

Fucking heaven in Hackney is what that is!

Whats in the studio?

Mate! We are heaving with gadgets, materials equipment and whiz bang contraptions.

  • Weaving Studio  – 6 looms to book in or try your luck on a whim. Grab a couple of hours of weaving bliss, or hire the ‘inside set’ and work on a larger project over many sessions…
  • Sewing Studio – 6 sewing machines, 3 overlockers,  ironing stuff,  large cutting table and of course every piece of sewing paraphernalia under the sun.
  • Crafts of the round table – Kinda like King Arthur’s one but for knitters, stitchers and parents with 20 minutes spare before school pick up, to grab a cup of tea and flick through some of our craft books in peace.

Open 6/7 days every  week!

What are the Club Nights?

Simply the best really!

Just a casual organised get together over a common craft. As a Studio Member or Gold Carder you can come to these for FREE!

  • Mend it Monday – 2nd Monday of the month
  • Queer Craft – 3rd Monday every month
  • + Craft Cult + Last Thursday of the month
  • Knitters Anonymous – Second Tuesday of the month

Thats one cool event every week dudes!

If you came to just these club nights your membership would be totally worth it!

What's a Library of Things?

Just cool crafty stuff!

Why buy expensive kit that you use a handful of times when you can hire it instead?

Better for your pocket and the planet!

We are developing an online booking system for this – but for now you can see what we have available on sign up and email us to reserve it.

Sweater boards-  blocking mats – mending gear – speed weavers – books – crochet kit – kids stuff – and much more!

Whats the Online Content?

I have been avoiding ‘recording’ since the dawn of craft, but here we are. I had a go, and the camera loves me what can I say….

Being a MT member means you can access content without bullshit advertising, mean comments, ‘follow, like, and subscribe’ ramblings and no silly tinkly music either.

Tips, tricks and  techniques for everything! The basics, my secrets, Beckys costume rip shit and bust fixes, sew alongs, knitting projects, sustainable trash ideas and interviews with cool cats doing the coolest of things!

Read up about fibre, fabrics, patterns and projects and where to get all the good stuff then start making!

When can I start booking?


You will need to complete the Studio Induction (50% off btw) to be able to ‘rent a sewing machine’ and have completed a ‘freestyle weaving’ session to use the looms after 6pm.

Once you have that under your belt, you can come and go as you please. You do not need to complete the studio induction to join ‘Club Nights’ 

MT is yours now so have fun and I’ll catch ya on the flipside!

Membership FAQ's

How long does my membership last?

One month at a time! An easy peasy automated rolling one month contract. Cancel whenever you want – and re join when ya ready and manage your bookings on your account dashboard!

What is a Members only Online area?

Secret hidden content! All of your burning crafty questions answered. Short and snappy, easy to read, funny to watch and interesting to listen to. A bargain of information if you live far away, but I would wait a bit while we flesh this out.

Do I have to be a member to use the studio?

No you don’t. But if you are serious about your new adventure, you will wanna tap into the discounts! All customers must attend the Studio Induction to access ‘rent a machine’ and ‘evening weaving’ sessions.

Can I get advice and help?

Sure! Face to face is our fave way to teach, it really is the better way, but we want to shape our online content based on your needs, so send us an email or drop in for some advice anytime!

Discount off all workshops?

Why not!? We really do want you to make your own clothes, we want you to keep crafting, we want you to use our space and we love being here for you too x

Do I have to do the induction?

Yeah ya do! For this to work we need everyone to be on the same page when handling equipment in the studio and health and safety etc x

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