Mend It!

Mend It!

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After a successful event in September Ethics Matter and Make Town are back with another Mend It workshop!

Here we go again!

In our last workshop we talked sustainability in fashion, the importance of community collaboration, the future of our materials and more.

We brought in old clothing and left with updated pieces, new skills, and new friends!

On top of that we managed to raise £250 for Oxfam in support of Secondhand September.


Upcycle your gear!

Bring your tired and unworn garments to our workshop and we will show you how to rejuvenate them to create a piece you will love and wear!

Fashion is an incredibly resource heavy and environmentally taxing industry. Currently, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the global carbon footprint, with textile production contributing more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined.

The mentality of “fast fashion” has created a facade of disposability and disconnects us from the true cost of each piece of clothing. It is estimated that less than 1% of clothing textiles are recycled and the UK sends £140 million worth of clothing to landfills each year.

There are £30 billion worth of unused clothing stashed in our wardrobes nationwide. Let’s do something about that!


Your ticket includes:

1. A welcome drink while you meet with the workshop tutors and check out the maker’s space.

2. Front row access to talks and a discussion panel. Hear from industry experts reshaping how we think about fashion with a goal of reducing the impact the industry has on the planet – Ask questions and network!

3. Participation in a workshop lead by professional designers showing you creative ways to mend and re-design garments from your closet.

Leave feeling inspired and equipped with the skills to keep your closet fresh, beautiful, and out of landfill.

All skill levels welcome. Our tutors are industry professionals with a passion for up-cycling and sustainable fashion.

All supplies are included: high-end designer fabrics and embellishments.

@ethics_matter will be posting instagram stories in the lead up to the event giving sneak peaks of which designer fabrics will be available, the speaker panel lineup and more!

Speakers include...

Sarah Graham – Founder, Ethics Matter Consulting

Ethics Matter creates bespoke strategies to help businesses reduce their environmental impact and become more socially responsible. Ethics Matter successfully advices companies from fashion to food service.

Brooke Dennis – Managing Director, Make Town

Brooke runs Make Town with an ethos of using crafting to address sustainability, collaboration and a general slowing down and taking time to connect our hands and our hearts.


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Mend It!