Mend your heart

Mend your heart


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Join us for a warm and wholehearted workshop of connecting to your heart and sewing it heart back together.

We hope you discover a sense of peace through this experience.

Whole or broken, the heart is a symbol for love, the centre of emotion, affection, and a sign for joy, compassion, romance and healing.

sit still and listen

We will begin with a gentle mediation to connect you back to your own heart.

You will drink a herb infused tea with beneficial properties for healing of your physical heart and then get your creative juices flowing by creating your own heart shaped medicine bag to take home.

A personal medicine bag may contain objects that symbolise personal well-being and you can decorate your medicine heart.




begin the mending

Fill with aromatic herbs, for healing, love, protection, abundance and romance, wishes, dreams and desirers.

Add sacred objects, stones, crystals, images, feathers, anything that is meaningful to you.

This is your sacred heart.

Materials are provided, however we encourage you to add something personal, so please bring it along with your beautiful open heart.

our spiritual leader

Maggie Rose is an Artist, Shamanic healer and intuitive reader and is looking forward to this heart-mending workshop.

All humans, from every individual journey are welcome to join us for this evening of love. x

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Mend your heart