MT on tour – Hackney Hangs!- Sat 25th March

MT on tour – Hackney Hangs!- Sat 25th March

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Another chance to join us on a great day out!

This time we are sticking to the local stuff!

Hackney here we come!

Whats the plan Stan?

Its gonna be pretty foot loose but here is the exciting stuff

  • We will meet at Woolcrest Textiles at 11am ish – A warehouse of madness and super cheap materials ( cash only)
  • Then we will walk along through London Fields to Broadway Market where we will stop for a bite to eat
  • We will then stop by Fabrications and see whats going on in there –
  • Followed by a visit to New Craft House
  • Finally –  I’ll book us a table for a well deserved cold beer at Pub on the Park so we can rest our tired legs and show and tell!

These day trips are a wonderful way to learn about finding the right fabric for the right price right on our doorstep and of course make some new friends along the way x

Start saving now!

You will need to pay your way here

  • We we walk for the whole adventure! But you will need to meet us at Woolcrest in the morn.
  • buy your food & snacks for the day
  • buy your treats, fabrics and memorabilia

The fee is to contribute towards admin, arrangements, bookings and…. our third special limited edition collectable patch for another Make Town on Tour – Hackney 2023!

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MT on tour – Hackney Hangs!- Sat 25th March