natural botanical bundle dying

natural botanical bundle dying

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We are so excited to be hosting this exceptionally clever and interesting workshop on natural dying with our friendly neighbours Cordwainers Grow!

One date only so get on quick!
I can see all of my napkins and stained sheets getting a really delicious natural makeover!

What's the plan Stan?

Over the 2 and a half hours you will learn

  • About different fibres and yarns suitable for natural dying
  • About preparing your fibres for dying
  • What plants and roots and food wastes can be found and used locally for dying in both living and dried form
  • How colours and effects can be achieved through a variety of technique
  • How to dye both fabric and yarn

You will leave with a few experimental samples, enough fabric dyed for a tote, cusihon or small project and a sock blank for a knitted project!


What do I bring?

Remember – All materials are included in this workshop.

Because our materials are prepared especially for this workshop we cannot guarantee you will be able to use something you have brought from home.

However, you are welcome to bring anything you would like some advicewith.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of natural dying, some samples, a sock blank and with the ability to recreate this at home!a

We anticipate you to be in excellent health and respect the measures we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

You get the idea aye?

Book now!

This will take your foraging and eco friendliness to a whole new level! Get into it!

From: £80.00

Natural Dying FAQs

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your awesome self! Everything you will need for this workshop is taken care of including herbal tea and all the lols.


Ah I need to pee!

Yeah that happens to the best of us. There is a toilet at the back of the studio so no need to hold on any longer.

I missed the train and i'm running late

It’s all gravy in the navy! We will always start the workshop on time, but will catch you up the best we can.

Do I need to wear old clothes?

Not really! We have not found there to be any real issues with mess but you do you dude x

Are we using animals and plants?

Nah bro! We will be using a variety of plants picked and collected some dried  and some fresh from around hackney

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natural botanical bundle dying