Naturally dye & sew knickers 100% righteous

Naturally dye & sew knickers 100% righteous

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Hold onto your knickers girls!
Come make 2 pairs of environmentally regenerative, micro plastic free, non-toxic, entirely biodegradable ethical and naturally dyed sexy knickers. Boom!

What even is this?

The UK textiles industry has been sold off to economies where labour is exploited and materials are cheap and nasty.

Despite the bullshit that is fast fashion, Alice Holloway and Debbie Mitchener are here to help!

This is the way of the future and its local as hell!

Plants and flowers grown in our  gardens which are used to bundle dye organic silk from Majestic Silks in Hertfordshire no less, to sew with organic cotton threads and pretty lace by The Nottingham Lace Company.

Even the mesh is organic cotton and the knicker elastic is ethically sourced natural rubber knicker elastic this time from Germany.

Top quality and highly innovative, rightly priced beautiful materials, which will leave your butt feeling so fresh and crude oil free.

Whats the plan Stan?

The day will start with a session of natural Bundle dying the silk with Debbie.

Then while that is steaming away you will tuck into some freshly made local kai.

After lunch you will choose a piece of pre- dyed silk to make your first pair of knickers.

Alice will lead you through the whole process and if you fancy you can wear them home!

You will be able to take your dyed silk home, with pattern instructions and notions for the 2nd pair which you can make at home – or come back to the studio and I will help you – chur x


Little Black Pants Club

Alice Holloway is the boss at LBPC and is the best version of the word!

She lives the values of her company through the production of lingerie in her studio in Brixton, with a small team of fairly paid, respected and talented seamstresses.

Little Black Pants Club is not just a project about using sustainable materials.

It’s an exploration of how we can make our clothes mean more to us, so that we feel satisfied with less. and getting back into balance with the Earth’s systems and cycles.

What a star!

Cordweiners Dye

Cordwainers Dye is a natural dye studio based in the Queen Elizabeth Park.

The studio offers natural dye and colour classes, sampling services, dye services and one to one tutorials.

As a social enterprise 10% of our profits are given to Cordwainers Grow who run food and growing classes in the community working with  migrants, refugees as and local residents keen to learn more about sustainable living.

We are stoked to have the epic Debbie back in the studio again!

Naturally dye & sew knickers 100% righteous

Why do these cost a bomb?

Cause quality aint cheap! Debbie and Alice are raising funds for the London Urban Textiles Common. Booking onto this workshop helps them reach their target.

Do I need to know how to sew?

That would help, yes.  Although these are very straight forward, they are a bit fiddly. If you have attended our ‘learn to sew’ class you will be fine!

What size knickers will I make?

One that fits! We will provide a range XS – XXL sizing. Although we can also make a pattern just for your bum if you give us enough notice to draft a pattern.

Why silk?

Cause its bloody gorgeous! I hear ya PETA traditional silk production is cruel. So read all about ‘Peace Silk’ here!

What if I don't finish?

No worries! You will have all the supplies to take home with you, then just book in to hire the machines and finish them another time.

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Naturally dye & sew knickers 100% righteous