Needlework for newbies

Needlework for newbies

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Come and learn some basic embroidery stitches and transform your kick ass design from paper to textile art.

Try your hand with classic traditional embroidery patterns or something more modern.

It’s all in the stitches and colours and it’s all down to you.

What will I learn?

In this group workshop we will go through the basic terminology of embroidery and take a look at some helpful and useful equipment.

We will chat about  floss thread and how to split it to change the thickness of your stitching and you will have a hoon on a piece of cloth to practice the basic embroidery stitches before you start your piece of embroidered art.

You will create your design on paper, or you can choose from a selection on hand which you will transfer onto calico, set this into an embroidery hoop then get stitching. 

We got you covered

All materials and equipment is included in the cost of this workshop.

The fabric provided is 100% cotton calico, the embroidery floss is DMC 100% cotton and you will receive a 5″ hoop.

You will also take home a needle and a few skeins of floss so you can finish your piece at home.

This style of stitching is slow and relaxing. So while you get lost in the repetitive motion of stitching, you will be able to get to know your fellow classmates, your new forever mates.


Top tips from hot lips

We have lots of hot tips to share with you!

How to tie the best knots, how to avoid tangles at the back of your work, how to add beads or sequins and how to change and mix threads to achieve different textures.

Nothing will be safe from your stitching fingers after this workshop!

I’m not much of a crafter, but my mates dragged me along to a craft evening for my baby shower. It was a therapeutic and lovely bonding experience that I’d recommend to anyone!

Jennifer Painter
reluctant crafter

10% off all shop items

After the workshop you will get 10% of everything in the shop.

Buy more embroidery hoops, floss, needles and fabric if you think you caught the stitching bug.

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From: £25.00

Needlework FAQs

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your awesome self! Everything you will need for this workshop is taken care of including herbal teas and a toilet.


I missed the train and i'm running late

Ain’t no thing chicken wing! We will always start the workshop on time, but will catch you up the best we can.

Im left handed

That is well cool! I will make sure you have extra attention if a classic flip the script isn’t helpful advice in this situation.

I think my kid would love this!

No doubt! We hope to launch an after school club for 9-12 yr olds real soon. Sign up to the ‘Good News’ and be the first to know when we drop it.

Im rubbish at threading a needle

Oh stop it! It’s all in technique and we are gonna show you and you will be a pro in no time.

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Needlework for newbies