Do you work for our NHS and need scrubs??

Do you work for our NHS and need scrubs??


Do you work for the NHS and live or work in East London and need some scrubs??

Our team of volunteers will hand cut, sew and deliver to you, or your place of work. Magic x



Are you one of our cape-less heros?

We had a request from a local Dr. who needed some scrubs as she couldn’t buy them anywhere. Unfortunately there is a national shortage because guess where we buy our uniforms from…

Not all NHS health care workers wear scrubs – but this is now the safest and easiest way to dress during this crisis. And we are all about health and safety just ask Garry Moore x

If you need a spare set to get you through the next few months and fit our very loose description, please place an order with us, and we will get them to you ASAP.

Donation of £20 only covers material, notions and delivery. Your sewing community is sewing for you, with love!

whats the nuts and bolts?

Remember that sizing is just a number and these are the numbers we are working with for your scrubs.

Small finished
Top Chest – 103 cm
Top Length – 72cm
Pants hip – 100 cm
Pants Length – 109 cm

Medium finished measurements:
Top Chest – 109cm
Top Length – 74cm
Pants hip – 104 cm
Pants Length – 111 cm

Large finished
measurements :
Top Chest – 115 cm
Top Length – 67cm
Pants hip – 110 cm
Pants Length – 113 cm

Extra finished
measurements :
Top Chest – 120 cm
Top Length – 70 cm
Pants hip – 117 cm
Pants Length – 108 cm

We use 100% cotton, medium weight cotton drill. The colour will depend on availability but we aim for the blues.


FAQ's my friends

What sizes are they?

We are making to order S/M/L/ for now.
Holla if you can’t see your size, we will get onto it.


What fabric are you using?

100% Cotton all the way baby!
We all know poly cotton dries faster but we also know that is pollutes our water ways.

What colour will I get?

We are gonna run with what is in stock.
Maybe navy, french, light, medium, royal, indigo, cobalt, ocean sky slate.

How many can we order?

Just two sets each for now.
One to wear and one in the wash.

I think this should cost more...

Yeah right?
This cost covers materials and notions only, labour is free baby. You deservsies it x

Can I tell my mates?

Ya man! of course! Just send them here, and we can get them a sweet new set of scrubs for themselves. #matching

What will they actually look like?

Basically like they do in the movies, once we start making them take some pics and let us know! 4 pockets on the pants and two in the top with a lovely v neck and short sleeves.

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Do you work for our NHS and need scrubs??