Offcut Masterclass with -Isabel Fletcher!

Offcut Masterclass with -Isabel Fletcher!

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We are so excited to bring Isabel Fletcher into the studio for a one off masterclass!
Isabel is here to inspire and challenge us to rethink our textile waste – we all have it so lets make it Beautiful!

Everything she does is even more beautiful in person – Snooze you loose!

Perfect for beginners – or those with excess textile waste looking for some solid inspiration!

What will I learn?

During the workshop, we will explore how textile waste can be used as the starting point for textile design.

Consider placement, shape, colour, and stitches combined to create beautifully intricate textiles.

These techniques should spark ideas of how waste can be incorporated into everyday sewing projects for home or clothing.

And as a bonus! create buttons from even the thread scraps! Magic!

Everything you need!

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those with some sewing

We will cover:

– Fabric, thread and colour choice

– Improvised offcut appliqué

– Offcut fabric buttons

– Improvised hand quilting

– Questions and answers

What should I bring?

Fabrics!! Although we have a tonne you can sift through and use too!

This can be any scraps or pieces leftover from other projects, worn out clothing, or bigger sections of fabric you can cut up.

We will everything else – pins, needles threads, sewing machines, fabric scissors, irons and boards, templates and all the bells and whistles.

Although feel free to bring your own equipment too!

Notes on fabrics:
– Bring a range of weights from thicker upholstery fabrics to fine cotton shirting. old clothing, bed sheets and pillow cases also work well too.

–  Think about how your fabrics work together as we will be using them to arrange
collage compositions.

Who is Isabel Fletcher?

Isabel Fletcher is a London based textile designer working with offcuts to create contemporary, sustainable craft.

Working with production offcuts, her designs take inspiration from often overlooked and undervalued details in life.

With the offcut’s pre-determined shapes and materials, she dyes, manipulates and arranges them to create functional works of art.

Isabel Fletcher views our leftover scraps and remnants, not as waste, but as the starting point for further design. Collage, colour and materiality is at the heart of everything Isabel Fletcher creates.

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Offcut Masterclass with -Isabel Fletcher!