Passementerie Workshop – with Elizabeth Ashdown

From: £250.00

Passementerie is an ‘endangered’ craft in the UK – This is a very special opportunity to have a go yourself, and learn from the best!!!


We are so excited to welcome passementerie artist and heritage craft specialist Elizabeth Ashdown  into our studio for this unique one weekend only – 2 day contemporary passementerie weaving workshop. 

One of the rarest and most special of all textile crafts, passementerie is the art of creating decorative ribbons, trimmings, braids, cords and fringes.

Whether you’re interested in interior design, accessories, fashion design, or fine art, this workshop will teach you the introductory passementerie weaving skills you need to create your own fabulous hand woven designs bursting with colour, texture and pattern. 

  • Saturday 9th November – You will learn how to weave passementerie using our Saori floor looms. These will be set up for you, which means we can begin weaving straight away. You’ll create a range of contemporary, hand-woven passementerie samples with an exciting mix of colours, textures, and materials.
  • Sunday 10th Novemeber  – On the second day, we’ll review your woven samples, and you’ll choose a design to develop further. You will spend Sunday weaving a length of passementerie, which you can take home to apply to a cushion, blanket edge, jacket hem, or any other project you envision!
  • Additionally, you’ll learn to spin your own cords and learn how to incorporate them into your woven projects during – this is super fun wee extra!

Materials – You will each have your own floor loom for the weekend. With all materials, yarn, cords etc will be provided
However, you are more than welcome to bring your own yarns, ribbons, cords, if you would like!

No prior experience of weaving or of passementerie is required!

This is a highly addictive and engaging weaving technique which you can replicate on a hand loom at home –  But as a MT Member, you can do this on our looms anytime!  – You may have seen a few of my own attempts hanging up in the studio – Now is your chance to learn form the pro!

I have had the pleasure of being a student of Libby, I love her book, and I am so stoked to have her at MT sharing her love and skill of this craft with you all!

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Will this class be suitable for me?

Absolutely!  You don’t need any previous experience. You will pick this style of weaving up quickly and the outcomes are absolute;y beautiful!

Libby will take her time in helping you understand what you are doing with some handout instructions for you to take home.

Can I cancel my booking?

Afraid not. Our Guest teachers are special to us and we need them to be compensated for their effort fairly. Plus the admin is a nightmare so we do not offer refunds on these workshops. All bookings are final.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you are no longer able to make it, just give us a heads up.

What if I can't make a session?

You won’t complete your wonderful woven samples.

Please ensure you are able to make all both dates before booking. Missing a session will mean you will fall behind and we may not be able to catch you up, as this becomes disruptive to the rest of the group.


What happens if I don't finish in the 2 sessions?

You probably won’t. Thats ok, all projects take different lengths of time for different people.

You will have the skills and knowledge to recreate this at home on a hand loom – or as a MT Member you can come back and have another go!

What is the minimum age to attend?

We are happy to host well behaved people 18+ we need attentive and focussed students, we have a lot to get through x

What is passementerie weaving used for?

So much! In Elizabeth’s new book you will find lots of ways to incorporate your weaving to homeware and garments!

It stands alone as a piece of art if you like to pop straight on the wall!

Passementerie Workshop – with Elizabeth Ashdown

From: £250.00

Who is Libby?

Elizabeth Ashdown MA RCA is one of the last remaining Passementerie craftspeople working in the UK today.

Working from her studio in London, she creates contemporary, hand made passementerie using the endangered craft of Passementerie,  combining traditional craft skills with a contemporary aesthetic in order to create intriguing and playful work for a variety of clients.

Elizabeth’s book ‘Passementerie handcrafting contemporary trimmings, fringes, tassels and more’ published by Schiffer Craft is available now.

‘My role as an artist is not only to respect my traditional craft of Passementerie, but to unleash its potential. One way I do this is through teaching others about this fascinating, rare and endangered craft.’

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