Rent a machine

Rent a machine

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If you have a project you want sink your teeth into, but your house is too small, your kids keep eating your dropped pins or you don’t own a machine then this is where you want to be!

A drop in sewing session which can be booked in 1 hour blocks, allowing you to use the fully equipped studio which is ready and waiting for you all week.

How does this work?

Make Town is stoked to be providing a purposely designed space for sewing enthusiasts, beginner and pros, for individual sewing projects whenever you need.

The studio is equipped with 6 Janome sewing machines and 2 overlockers.

All you should need is your pattern, fabric and thread. We stock all of those things in the shop too!

Every day - except Monday

Book some studio time at Make Town to squeeze in a couple of hours sewing after work, smash out a few button holes on your lunch break or book a full day of creative sewing bliss over the weekend.

We have large tables to make cutting out your project easy. irons and ironing boards, scissors, rulers, bobbins, feet, needles and basic sewing equipment.

The idea is that everything you may need has been thought of and is here already, although you are most welcome to bring your own tools too.


Just like you

This workshop is independently student lead, so you will need to be comfortable with using a sewing machine on your own, but there will be a tutor in the studio if you get stuck.

If you have not used a sewing machine ever before in your whole life, sign up to Learn to sew – Part one here

Come join us

Make Town also stock a range of threads, zips and basic haberdashery for you to purchase to complete your project if you need.  

There is nowhere else in London that allows you to drop in and sew like this 6 days a week and it’s going to be a hit!

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The sewing studio is available Tuesday through Sunday.

Click the button below and we will see you soon!

From: £7.00

floor loom weaving FAQ's

What exactly do I make?

That is up to you! What you do with your time in the studio is your call. A basket of mending, a skirt that needs re lining or a costume that needs to be made immediately.

What do I need to bring?

Everything and nothing! The studio is equipped with so much stuff. Rulers, scissors, pins, needles, seam rippers, chalk, cutting mats and rotary cutters, pens, paper and herbal tea. But your main fabric and pattern if you are using one is on you.

I missed my ride! I'm gonna be late!

Don’t sweat it, let’s see what we can do! Depending on the availability we may be able to make some arrangements so you get your full time on the machine.

Holy smokes I wanna come back already!

Right?!? Just jump back online and book another slot of freestyle sewing. We are furiously working on a membership programme. Sign up to the ‘Good News’ and be the first to know when it’s dropped.

How much help can you give me?

Well that depends! We have a wealth of knowledge and tips we can share with you to help you out of even the most difficult techniques. Hopefully there is something we learn from you too.

Who is on clean up?

Swings and roundabouts! If you have a spare moment at the end of your session, a quick sweep would be greatly appreciated. But if you are in a hurry, that’s cool too. Let’s see this theory work!

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