Rug Tufting with Special Guest Noor!

From: £155.00

Learn the super satisfying and ultra fast craft of tufting!

Noor is heading our way from her Shaggies Studio in Amstredam for a handful of special rug tufting classes in our new studio!

You will be able to bring along some ideas or design something with pencils and paper to be made into a rug. Noor will show you how to use the gun safely and correctly and have a go on a sample piece before you head off to make a start on your own rug.

Near the end the work is removed and trimmed/shaved then you will receive a little bag with latex glue and instructions on how to finish your rug at home. It takes a long time to dry and is a bit smelly so best you do this when you can carve out some time.

The rug will be a finished size of 40cm x 50cm but you are welcome to make it a blob, a circle or an abstract shape of your liking.

No experience necessary, and it is absolutely wicked fun!

Come have a hoon, before you invest in your own set up for home x

20% off for MT Members x


Can I cancel my booking?

Afraid not. Our Guest teachers are special to us and we need them to be compensated for their effort fairly. Plus the admin is a nightmare so we do not offer refunds on these workshops. All bookings are final.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you are no longer able to make it, just give us a heads up.

Which machines do you use?

Cut pile gun. Because these are being transported from Amsterdam we are limited to the tools we can fit in the van!

Its easy to use and super satisfying and magically fast!

How big is the rug we make in the workshop?

Big enough to finish in 3 hours. We work with a frame that suits an A2 design. Your finished design will be 40 x 50 cms or there abouts. If you want to continue at home, simply make a bigger frame and you’ll be away laughing!

What materials will we be using?

Acrylic yarn. It is not the most planet friendly option, but it keeps costs down cause you’ll use a shit tonne. It is also the easiest fibre to use for your first time. There will be mountains of colours to choose from.

You will also receive latex glue and instructions so you can seal your work when you get home.

Can I purchase the equipment after the class?

Afraid not. Noor can’t bring extra supplies in the van, but she will show you what to buy and where to get the gear from after the class if you have caught the tufting bug and want to keep going at home.

What if I don't finish?

You will.  But in the unlikely event that you do not finish your work, we may be able to stay a little bit longer, depending on the schedule. Noor will help you settle on a design that is achievable for a first time and in our time frame.

Rug Tufting with Special Guest Noor!

From: £155.00

Who is Noor?

Noor is coming all the way from Amsterdam for another series of fun tufting classes!

Noor runs her own studio and is an excellent, vibrant and patient teacher ready to show you everything there is to know about tufting!

If you are keen to do this on the reg, this is a great place to start!

These classes sell out quick, so what are you waiting for??

Feel the love

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