Sew your own trousers in a day – with Brooke

Sew your own trousers in a day – with Brooke

From: £180.00

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This is the perfect follow on class from our learn to sew workshop, for those keen to sew a garment following a commercial pattern, using quality fabric and professional techniques!

Make Town will provide EVERYTHING!  You just bring your lunch!

Take all the guess work out of the equation and lets just get sewing!

What's the plan Stan?

Yay – Lets get started!

We start at 10:00 – break for lunch – sew all day – cup of tea break –  finish 6:00pm – Boom Trousers!

During the session you will learn –

  • How to measure your body to suit the commercial pattern – 101 trouser by Merchant & Mills
  • How to cut your trouser pattern out to your preferred size and shape tapered or wide leg or shorts?
  • How to correctly lay and cut your cloth/fabric
  • How to interpret and read commercial patterns and follow instructions including notches
  • How to fully sew a garment, with overlocked seams, side pockets,  elastic waistband and hem

It sounds like a lot, but its just the right amount at the right pace for you x

What do I bring?

All materials are included in this workshop.

You will need to come in before the workshop takes place to cut out your pattern and fabric – This should take 2 hours – I will email to arrange directly.

This means we can focus on sewing on the day, and we can both be assured this has been cut out correctly.

  • The pattern is yours to keep and use again and again.
  • Enough 100% linen cloth for your trousers, available in a variety of colours
  • Matching threads for your linen and elastic

All equipment, including sewing machines, overlockers, scissors, rulers, marking chalks and pens, irons and pins are all here for you to use.

We also have a fridge with unlimited tea and coffee so bring a decent lunch or pop over the road for a bagel.

Where to next?

Home James! Go to the pub and grab a beer you deserve it!

At the end of this workshop, you will have a very clear and in depth understanding of garment construction and a fancy pair of casual trousers to swan off home in! La de daa!

You should leave this class feeling confidant that you could whip up another pair on your own!

But do not hesitate! Continue your sewing adventure, and book into one of our late night sewing classes, so you can sew up another pair. And I will be here to help you if you get stuck!

There is no greater feeling than the satisfaction of creating something with your own two hands! It’s contagious and once you start you will be itching to make your entire wardrobe.

Can’t wait to see ya!

Sewing FAQ's

Do I need any sewing experience?

Just a little. We encourage you to attend our learn to sew – the basics workshop so you know how we like our machines to be treated.

Can I bring my dinner?

Yeah course. We will break at midday, so bring your lunch. We have a bar out the back, plates, cutlery, toaster, jug/kettle butter, salt and pepper you know the basics. Eat up.

I think i'm a bit unwell...

Back off then! I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but everyone’s health is paramount in our studio so stay the fuck away.

Can I bring my own machine?

Why? We have excellent Janome machines in the studio suitable for the task at hand. If you are after some guidance because your machine is being a dick, book a 121 and I can help you out.

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Sew your own trousers in a day – with Brooke