studio induction

studio induction

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Welcome to the studio you are gonna love it here!

Studio Inductions are 2.5 hours long, includes all materials and your first collectable patch and are compulsory for you to be able to rent a machine and attend evening floor loom sessions. 

6 people max per session 

MT house rules

You won’t regret spending more time on sewing your own clothes or weaving for your well being! Promise.

The studio induction will cover the use of all equipment in the studio, including looms, overlockers, sewing machines and tools.

We will touch on health and safety, maintaining a tidy studio, make a Tote Bag and you will receive your 1st collectable patch!

We highly recommend you have completed our ‘Learn to Sew’ class and a ‘Floor Loom Weaving‘ workshop or have previous relevant experience.

Looking forward to it!

This is a mandatory induction and must be completed to rent a sewing machine and book evening weaving sessions. 

You can still attend ‘club nights’ and all other workshops before you complete your induction no probs. Members get 50% off this induction so might as well just do that innit…


Induction FAQ's

Do I get something to take home?

Yes! I know there is a lot to cover, so you will get a handout with all the important stuff along with your MT tote bag that you will make in the session & your first collectable patch.

Can I reschedule my induction?

Nope. But as a member you can cancel your booking for a full refund within 24 hours of your workshop taking place. This is an automated system – log into your account and go from there.

I am already a regular do I still have to join?

Yes! This is the only way to ensure we are all on the same page throughout the studio. A small price to pay for happiness in the studio for everyone, and a tote bag yeah?

Can I book workshops before I complete the induction?

Yes you can! Book in studio time before you complete the induction so you can hit the ground running. You will not be able to use the studio before you have the paperwork to  prove it innit.

Can my kid be a member?

Of course! Children are most welcome in the studio on all of our workshops with you at their side. Children 12+ are encouraged to get a membership of their own.

I'm running late!

Ah too bad! We have a lot to get through so to avoid disruptions to the rest of the cohort if you arrive 10 minutes after start time you will be turned away. You will carry the financial burden for this, and need to re pay and rebook. Soz x

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studio induction