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Take your time – the burnside bibs


Book Baby!

Our ‘take your time’ workshops series is available now!

The choice to sew a project you love, with us, when it suits you best. The best way to learn is when you are ready and i’ll be here waiting for ya x

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Whats the deal?

TYT – Take your time!

  • Choose a project that tickles your fancy, then
  • Cherry pick some days that suit your timetable,
  • Come into the studio to work on your project. Boom Magic!

I will be here, as always, guiding you through the entire process, step by step at your own pace.

Together we will cover a variety of best practice techniques during the  sessions, as you methodically sew a beautifully well made finished garment!

You have 3 months to complete your garment, so there is no pressure for you to make concrete plans until it works for you!

Accommodating AF!

The Road Map -

Session 1 – Consultation – 3 hours 

I will make contact to arrange our first session! Exciting

  • We will have a chat about everything and make a start
  • We will take your measurements correctly and make notes
  •  You will choose the version you would like to make
  • You will cut out your paper pattern
  • We will make a plan for quality and quantity of fabric required

Homework– Purchase fabric and zip if needed. Pre wash, dry and iron your cloth ready for your next session.

Session 2 – Studio Block – 3 hours

Make a start on your delicious garment!

  • Lay out your pre-washed fabric
  • Transfer markings and notches etc
  • Cut out your fabric pieces
  • Set up machine and check tension etc
  • Interface and sew the front pockets
  • Attach pockets to front pieces
  • Sew the front pants together
  • Add waistband to front of pants

Homework– treat yourself to a stroll around the park after dinner, you deservesies it.

Session 3 – Studio Block – 3 hours

Here is where we do the guts of the sewing, so bring an apple to keep those sugar levels up.

  • Attach bib front to waistband
  • Stitch back darts
  • Sew back pockets
  • Attach back pockets
  • Stitch inner leg seams
  • Attach zip – if sewing version 1
  • Interface back waist facings

Homework– Walk past the dairy on the way home and grab yourself an Ice cream and enjoy every last lick.

Session 4 – Studio Block – 3 hours

The final stretch, but its smooth sailing from here

  • Sew shoulder straps
  • Sew waist ties
  • Sew bib facing and attach straps
  • Hand stitch or sew facing down
  • Topstitch bodice
  • Sew belt loops and attach to back
  • Finish trouser hem
  • Try your garment on and swirl about a bit
  • Tidy up your creative mess and rock on out the door

Hows bout dem apples? Check out the FAQ’s below, if you have any further questions hit me up x

Burnside Bibs FAQ's

How easy is this?

A bit tricky actually! Have a couple of garments under your belt before trying these, like our 101 trousers or the free range slacks.

What do I need to bring?

Just fabric! And maybe a zip but it’s not necessary. We will provide you your own pattern to keep, thread, interfacing all equipment and machines for all of the workshops.  Easy Peasy x

Can I come in the evenings?

Yes! Our workshop calendar allows for late night sewing on some evenings. We will talk through this at the consultation to see what works best for you.

What about Weekends?

Yup! Saturdays are the busiest day, which in a sense makes this a better experience. Some Sundays will be available too depending on demand.

What if I don't finish?

But what if you do? Nah that’s cool. Just book in some more studio time and make those finishing touches.

Can I change my bookings last minute

Sort of. Its kinda uncool to leave people hanging last minute we have prepared and arranged for your arrival, but I also know life is tricky. Just try to be respectful and we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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