Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry Weaving

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A freestyle, relaxing and repetitive textile craft for absolute beginners to try their hand at.

Tapestry is a form of textile art using a frame loom and needle to create intricate pictures and designs.

A wonderful craft to keep your mind and fingers active.



What will I learn?

In this group workshop you will learn anatomy of the tapestry loom and about essential weaving equipment.

You will dress the loom with cotton warp so it is set for weaving and learn about the different fibres available for you to use to make a really amazing piece of art for your wall.

You will learn tabby weave, (plain weave), the easiest way to make tassels, (rya knots) and a few more simple stitches like sumac (the pretty plait) to help give your woven art attitude and texture. 

Take your loom home

This workshop includes a frame loom for you to take home, designed by Herbert, and made by Brooke, a tapestry comb, needle and you will receive instructions sent to your inbox #savetheplanet, so you can continue your weaving when you get home. 

How many yarns?

There is a rainbow of yarn of all different fibres and weights for you to experiment with.

Our yarn wall holds over 300 yarns, then there is roving and scraps and goodness knows what else you can find in the studio to play around with.



Top tips from hot lips

We have lots of hot tips to share with you!

Techniques and tricks to keep your edges neat and prevent them from bowing in, how to avoid weaving in the tails, changing colours and cutting shapes.

Brooke’s the best teacher ever, she’s got really funky ideas and helps you pull out your personality in whatever you make, you’ll have loads of fun being in her company, such an awesome experience!

Nicole Curry
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After the workshop you will get 10% of everything in the shop.

Choose from small mixed bags of yarn perfect for tapestry weaving, inspirational books, roving and dowel sticks to hang your finished piece from.

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Check out the monthly Wednesday evening and Sunday morning dates available.

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From: £60.00

Tapestry Weaving FAQs

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your awesome self! Everything you will need for this workshop is taken care of, but you may want to bring a tote bag to carry your things home.


I'm addicted to tapestry weaving now what?

We are too! One Wednesday evening each month we host a Tapestry Club. Bring your loom, a snack or a beer and hang with us. Book online and we will see ya there!

I think my kid would love this!

No doubt! You could share your loom. Ha! Or you could purchase one from the shop.

We also have workshops just for kids, so sign up to our newsletter and keep up to date with what is going on.

Ah I need to pee!

Yeah that happens to the best of us. There is a toilet at the back of the studio so no need to hold on any longer.

I missed the bus, and i'm running late

It’s all gravy in the navy! We will always start the workshop on time, but will catch you up the best we can. You will be weaving in no time.

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Tapestry Weaving