Weave Club – Last one Ever!

Weave Club – Last one Ever!

From: £15.00

Book Baby! Check dates

Due to low turn out we will no longer be offering this club night after July.

So let’s have a final hurrah to send it to bed.

Chill baby chill

The gang get together on the 1st Wednesday evening each month for sweet chats and even sweeter weaving.

Either – Bring along your work in progress and use everything in the studio!

Or – If you do not have a loom, or never done tapestry before thats ok too! We can sell you one and we will show you how to get started!

And – Our floor looms are also available to be booked here! 

Bring some schnacks and a drink and lets solve all the problems of the world while we weave our worries away.

Its unbeweavable!


Tapestry weaving FAQs

What should I bring?

Bring your loom! Also bring a drink if you fancy and a schnack if you have headed in straight from work. Everything else is here waiting for you.


Ah I need to pee!

Yeah that happens to the best of us. There is a toilet at the back of the studio so no need to hold on any longer.

Do you have a bottle opener for my wine?

Oh yes we do! And wine glasses, mugs, herbal tea and serviettes in case you want to bring cakes…

The boss made me work late!

It’s all gravy in the navy! This meet up is super chill, so turn up late, leave early, whatever you need to do.

Can I come with a loom I bought elsewhere?

No doubt! All we want is you and your company, bring whatever loom you have at home.

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Shop FAQs

I am running late?

Damn it! We start our classes bang on time – It’s just how we roll. If you are late – you may be turned away and will need to re-book for another time.

Kinda like rocking up to the theatre late and the show has started so you have to wait outside until half time, except there is no half time and we can’t catch you up, and you will just disrupt the whole session. Think about your fellow class mates x

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes! Please email anouska@make.town to request a new date that works with our current calendar. This must be no later than 72 hours (3 days) before your class takes place. If you miss this window, tough titties.

Rescheduling is fine, we are fully capable, but it does suck lots of time, so please be clear and quick. Much appreciated.

I can't come and I only found out today!

Yeah sorry! We have already prepped and planned for your class by now, so you can send a mate in your place instead.

Sometimes we have a waiting list and are happy to offer your place. But no guarantees as this is not always the case.

I only used 1/2 of my booking can i use the rest later?

Not this time! We don’t refund or rebook any unused time.

Think about it like missing the opening act of a gig, you don’t get half ya ticket price refunded at the box office back cause you were late, or walked out half way through. You just gotta suck this one up.

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Weave Club – Last one Ever!