weave it your way – Scarf edition

weave it your way – Scarf edition


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Ok so you got the weaving bug! Now what?

This is the perfect follow on workshop from our loom weaving workshop.

Weave your very own scarf from warp to weft!


What's the deal?

Alrighty so you have attended our floor loom weaving workshop and bloody loved it! And want to dive a little deeper…

This workshop is ideal for developing a well rounded understanding of how the loom mechanically works and the endless possibilities.

Maybe you are thinking about joing the membership programme or even thinking about buying a floor loom yourself!

We are making a scarf! Winter comes but every other way in London – be prepared!

Where do I start?

Welcome! Lets get started! We will outline what the day will look like and make a start.

With coloured pens and piece of paper, you will scribble your ideas and designs down, and from your drawings we can decide which yarns will be suitable for your warp.

You can go for subtle neutral tones or every colour of the rainbow for your scarf.

Ok so now what?

Right so now that the juices are flowing, I will help you measure approximately 100 individual threads each measuring 2 mts long using the warping frame.

Once measured, you will  thread it into the ‘inside set’  then we will roll the warp into the loom together.

It’s now ready to weave!

How big will my scarf be?

Scarf size dude!The width of the cloth will be approximately 25cm wide and somewhere around 1.5 mts long when it is completed with tassels, this really depends on your speedy weaving!

You are most welcome to bring any fibres or handspun yarns you have about your house to use too, this makes the scarf extra special. 

Endless possibilities

The studio can accommodate only 1 person doing this workshop at a time, so you will get plenty of attention. 

These workshops need to be booked though our contact form.

This is an 8 hour, full day workshop and is available Wednesday – Saturday. Although happy to chat about what works for you.


Book now!

Get in touch for a blissful day of weaving in the studio.


Weave it your way - FAQ's

What will I make?

A scarf! Or a really skinny table runner? The finished piece will be approx 1.5mt long and 25cm wide plus tassels if you choose to keep them.

What if I don't finish?

You better! Most people will finish in the 8 hours easy. If you don’t we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

My back aches!

Mine too! There is actually an ailment called weaver’s bottom. As with any prolonged activity you will discover discomfort and aches after a while, we will show you some nifty stretches.

How do I book?

Because of the nature of our scheduling we need to book this in manually. Send us an email and we will make sure a loom is available.

Can I make something bigger?

Almost! We will soon be offering a follow on workshop allowing you to hire an inside set so you can come weave whenever you want on whatever you want. Cool bro!

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weave it your way – Scarf edition